Disney CFO Christine McCarthy called China’s Uproar “has generated a lot of issues for us” – Deadline

Disney CFO Christine McCarthy addresses the controversy Mulan, Which critics accused of indirectly supporting the persecution of Uygar Muslims in China, demonetisation created “a lot of issues”.

Authorities in Xinjiang Province, an area where Uygars are detained in mass detention camps, are accepted into the film’s authorized filming and a government agency to the credit of the region. Critics including politicians such as US Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo) have attacked Disney +, the film released last Friday, and called for its removal from the streaming service and theaters.

Various controversies and challenges have produced a live-action remake of Disney’s 1998 animated feature for the past year or more. The company had to cancel its planned theatrical release several times as it responded to the uncertainties revolving around COVID-19.

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Mulan Expected to be released soon in China, which in many cases has led to a fierce political and economic deadlock with the US, with many media and tech companies being pulled into the fray. McCarthy, who appeared at the Bank of America Virtual 2020 Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference, was asked whether the backlash would harm the film’s commercial potential in China.

He said, “I am not a box-office presenter, but it has attracted a lot of publicity.” “Let me just say something in context. This is the real fact Mulan Shot predominantly – almost in its entirety – in New Zealand. In an effort to accurately portray some of the unique landscapes and geography of the country of China for the play of the period, we filmed scenes in 20 different locations in China. It is common knowledge that, in order to make films in China, you must be allowed. This permission is obtained from the central government. ”

McCarthy said, noting that it is a common practice around the world to “accept the credit of national and local governments for a film that allowed you to film there.” Therefore, to our credit, it recognized both China and New Zealand locations. I will leave it at that, but it has created a lot of issues for us. ”

In addition to the controversy, McCarthy’s many comments on Wednesday at a similar media conference made by McCarthy echoed his presence. He said research on filmmakers’ mixed feelings about a return to theaters helped the company’s decision to exclude it as a $ 30 premium for Disney + customers.

Invited by moderator Jessica Reif Erlich to expand on the film studio’s release strategy, she noted that the “Premier Access” solution was overused Mulan Are possible. But she insisted that theatricality is a key component of the company’s distribution plans and did not state that the company is actively talking with exhibitors about changing the standard release window.

“We have got a very strong slate in 2021 and beyond as well,” he said. “We hope theaters are open, and we hope that our films are films that are for those who like going to the movie theater, the experience of going to the theater is a lot more than what you have at home Is different.”

Other topics encountered during the 40-minute season were negotiation positions with the NFL. ViacomCBS, like NBCUniversal and Fox, is talking about a re-up with the Disney League. ESPN’s Monday Night Football In 2021 the rights expire sooner than other network packages.

The company deals in a “disciplined” manner, but is willing to consider guaranteeing that the game will air on ABC instead of ESPN if it helped Disney’s opportunities to re-lock.

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