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Disney announces some new layoffs for all those great luxury box office records

Editorial: Film frame (Marvel studios)

It's a good time to be Disney right now; the entertainment giant has just bought Fox and is on track to absorb Hulu, his live action movies and lively properties continue to thrive, and his Marvel movie franchise has never been more lucrative, with Avengers: end of the game Not only does it serve as the culmination of an incredibly ambitious film and a marketing milestone, it also breaks box office records from left to right. Then, obviously: it's time for dismissal.

This is for Variety, which reports that, in fact, Mouse Haus is celebrating its record profits and its monocultural domain in the most American way possible: kicking a lot of those deadweight employees who helped make this happen on the sidewalk. No specific details have been published about which jobs will be lost, but Variety notes that this last wave is likely to include a number of people among the film distribution and marketing teams, that is, the people responsible for ensuring Game over I was everywhere more or less in the month before its launch, and who, presumably, contributed in some way to its success.

This is, of course, all the fault of the great fusion of Fox; After firing a complete group of Fox executives (and closing their Fox 2000 branch) in March, the all-consuming gullet of entertainment is now eliminating redundant posts, a housecleaning that could end up covering up to 4,000 seats of work. Disney had previously pledged to accumulate $ 2 billion in "synergy savings" as a result of the merger, which is a capitalist-robbery speech to "Clean your desk, Bev, we bought a new one for you for Christmas."

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