Discovery “Die Trying” clip with David Cronenberg and Michelle Yoh

For movie fans of horror classics like fly (1981) and Scanners (1986), a familiar face of, will come as a welcome surprise in the latest episode Star Trek: Discovery. In season 3, episode 5, “Die Trying,” is performed by a mysterious new Starfleet officer, played by emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yoh) famous film director David Cronenberg.

This cameo probably surprises most fans, and for those who love Cronenberg’s work, his unique style and case delivery is not only exciting but also propellant. This is because Cronenberg’s new character (who is not yet named) actually changes the story.

Check it out below:

In the episode, after USS Discovery Starfleet finds the new version of the headquarters, the entire crew going through a harsh plight to ensure that their story is forthcoming from another time period. Of course, as Search Fans know, Yeo’s Georgieu is not only from a different time period, but also from a parallel universe.

At the beginning of Giorgio’s debriefing, two holograms ask him questions about his nature as a human in a Terran – The Mirror Universe. But, the person who actually feels in charge of the Holos is the new, shadowy character of Cronenberg. What does he know about Mirror Universe? Is he regular Star trek Time?

This scene introduces a whole new element Search Season 3, and for long time fans of both Star trek And David Cronenberg, means something is coming that no one could have predicted. What is your theory on kronenberg Search Cameo? Will he return And what does this mean for Georgios?

This week’s episode Star Trek: Discovery, “Die Try,” now airs on CBS All Access. And those of you looking for more Cronenbergs in front of the camera will soon appear in the fourth season of Shudder’s anthology horror series slasher.


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