Discovered a new species of dinosaur related to Tyrannosaurus rex

A new species of dinosaur belonging to Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered in Britain

Paleontologists at the University of Southampton identified the new species after studying four species that were recently exposed on the Isle of Wight. Experts said the bones belong to a new species of theropod dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus rex.

“The dinosaur lived 115 million years ago in the Cretaceous period and is estimated to be four meters (13.1 ft) long,” the paleontologist said in a statement. The new dinosaurus species is named Vecterovator inopinatus because of the large air spaces in some bones.

‘DINOSAUR STOMPING’ Terrain on the island of Scotland

A paper about the study will be published in Papers Journal in Piplontology.

An artist’s impression in the last moments of the dinosaurs.
(Credit: Trudy Wilson)

Chris Barker, a doctoral student at the University of Southampton, said, “How hollow we were with this animal, it was filled with air spaces.”

The bones were found in three separate discoveries over the years last year and given to the Dinosaur Isle Museum on Sandos, Isle of Wight. Two discoveries were made by individuals and one by family.

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Earlier this year, in another project, experts discovered a “dinosaur stomping ground” on the Isle of Skye, off the north-west coast of Scotland.