Disappointing Black Ops 4 Scorstreak Bug is back in Cold War after 2 years

Call of Duty players are facing trouble while trying to use double XP tokens in the Black Ops Cold War. Many of them have taken to Reddit to point out issues, and they are demanding massive changes from Activision.

Warzone integration Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Has brought heaps of exciting content for players. There are brand new weapons that you can unlock, as well as playable operators in Season One. Additionally, Activision recently held a series of double XP events for both titles.

Many players who received the Battle Pass were given double XP tokens. call of Duty Modern Warfare this season. However, this is not well justified, and a thread on Reddit has highlighted the issues that players deal with when using them. They want some major changes soon.

BOCW fans want change to double XP token

Many fans are now facing problems with double XP tokens for a solid year. The biggest complaint is that it takes forever to find a match when using them, making the token seem like an unnecessary hassle.

Reddit user u / Tritonpr95x posted a post about this issue in the Black Ops Cold War subredit. The player stated that it is annoying to waste time searching for matches on tokens, and that it takes a long time to find a game.

“Really lame you lose so much time searching for matches on your token. Not sure what it is, but after some searching it seems like a lot of people have the same issue where finding matches is always Takes. Crossplay is enabled. “

Several other players shared this sentiment in the comments. They agreed that the tokens should be “in match time”, and they should act like those from Infinity War where you have a good game, and then double your XP.

There is an in-game notice acknowledging the issue so that developers and activists know that the problem is bothering players. Despite various posts related to this topic, they have not yet announced that they are planning to fix it soon.

Some comments targeted the 15-minute XP token as being particularly problematic. One of the U / Darkstones criticized that you only get one of them for a game, and then you spend a good part of that time waiting in the lobby.

“That’s why 15min XP tokens are scams. They only let you use them for an MP game. Then you lose 5min in the lobby and in loading. You lose a third of your tokens which will give you a battle. Got PAID for which you PAID.

This is a scam. Give me at least 30min token. 15 minutes is a lot of waste. I agree that they should be for game time “

You can activate old double XP tokens

The best way around this issue is to get a lobby and then activate another token before loading the map. Also, as stated by another user, you can activate your old token from Warzone and then jump into the Cold War to reclaim the benefits of the double XP you have accumulated.

This method still works because one player tried it out and then said, “Thanks I just did it and it worked. Now before they catch air and stop working somehow, talk about it. Enough to do. “

Some players on the thread commented that they had not experienced the issue. Some of them are reported to be involved in a match after waiting just one minute in the lobby. However, this issue is still prevalent for some time.

Image courtesy: Activision / Trayarch

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