Dirk announces his retirement after 21 seasons

Dirk announces his retirement after 21 seasons

Dirk announces his retirement after 21 seasons

DALLAS – Dirk Nowitzki confirmed his retirement from the NBA after 21 seasons, and announced to an overflowing crowd at the American Airlines Center that on Tuesday night "is my last home game."

Nowitzki scored a season-high 30-point record and the Dallas Mavericks celebrated the last home game of season number 21 of the 40-year record with the same franchise in a 120-109 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night.

Nowitzki had not confirmed before the game that he was retiring, but the celebration of his career, which lasted the entire game, felt even more like a farewell than all the times he was surrounded by crowds in the opposite stadiums once He finally made his debut after getting lost. Recovery games of ankle surgery.

The 14-time All-Star had the first eight shots from Dallas and scored the first 10 points of his team in the first three minutes and exceeded his maximum of the previous season of 21 with a triple at the beginning of the third quarter.

The end of the Dallas season is Wednesday night in San Antonio.

Nowitzki broke Kobe Bryant's record of 20 seasons with the Lakers. Bryant retired three years ago.

Dirk Nowitzki officially announced his retirement, and is leaving a lasting legacy.

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Nowitzki continued shooting on his busiest night of the season, finishing with a maximum of 31 shots (with 11) and 33 minutes. He went 5-for-14 from 3 points with eight rebounds.

The foreign player with the highest score in NBA history also tied his season record in badists with three, crowned by pbading a jump shot with the crowd anticipating another bucket and making Justin Jackson an easy layup.

A full crowd followed the owner's order, Mark Cuban, to fill the arena early, and applauded from the first possible moment the player who guided the Mavericks to their only championship eight years ago.

The fans stopped during the warm-ups, recording it on the line of the telephones. The 7-foot German forced with a dunk. Then he had another dunk in the game, the second of the season, in the second half.

The wide smile as he ran across the floor contrasted sharply with the break between the first and the second quarter. Nowitzki held back tears near the middle of the court with the game about to restart after a tribute video detailing one of his vacations at a children's hospital.

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