Directors Guild of France: Cute’s Outraged First Conservatives

The film’s French distributor also stands by the controversial Netflix film.

L’ARP (La Société civile des Auteurs-Réalisateurs-Producteurs), the French writer, director and producer guild, issued a statement defending the controversial release of Netflix’s original film “Cuties” on 15 September. The film has become a topic of discussion nationally since its release on 9 September, as it sexually abuses child actors and promotes child pornography. L’ARP states that the backlash about the “Cuties” is a “serious attack on the freedom of creation” by “the most conservative of Americans” (through diversity).

“At a time when the most conservative of Americans are calling for a boycott of the film ‘Cutesy’, we would like to support its director, Maimoun Doucoure, who won the Best Direction award at the Sundance Film Festival.” The ARP statement reads. “This film, produced in France, then purchased by Netflix for distribution in the United States, symbolizes the inevitable freedom of expression that cinema, in all its diversity, needs to address disturbing themes, so it is democracy. “We will always stand with those who support and promote the works that express this freedom.”

The uproar began on 20 August after Netflix released the poster for the film, featuring its child stars, who were performing suggestive dances to reveal in the outfits. The poster alleged that the film sexually abuses its stars, when in reality the “Cuties” openly criticize the ways in which society pressures young girls to create excessive sexual pressure.

Netflix apologized for improperly marketing the film, but “Cutice “‘s September 9 streaming debut caused more outrage. Senator Ted Cruz sent Netflix a letter over the weekend asking Netflix to investigate the production and distribution of child pornography. David Grumbach is the CEO behind Beck Films, the French finance and distribution company “Cutis”, and he tells Variety that “it is scandalous to accuse him of promoting child pornography.”

“I think the protests are coming from the right wing – from the fringe of ultra-conservatism,” Grumbach said. “But we are grateful that Netflix [kept] movie [on its platform] And supported it in spite of everything. We must be strong and united to protect the freedom of filmmakers. This is not just for France, but also for Hollywood. ”

Grumbach said, “Think of Jodie Foster who was 12 years old when she played a ‘taxi driver’, or a prostitute in the movie ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, or countless other movies that fall prey to such stereotypes If they were boycotted, we would not be able to make films about abortion, violence etc. because you need to show it to condemn something. ”

“Katis” filmmaker Mamouna Doukore reacted to the backlash in an interview with Zora magazine last week, stating, “I realize that people who started this feud have not yet seen the film. Netflix Apologies to the public and myself. I hope that these people will watch the film now that it is out. I look forward to seeing their reaction when they find out that we are both in this fight against the hypersexualization of young children. Are on the side. ”

“Cuties” is now streaming on Netflix.

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