Director of the CIA: Trump tweets generating valuable information –

Director of the CIA: Trump tweets generating valuable information


"I really saw him help us," Pompeo told the audience at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, Calif., When asked if Trump's Twitter activity was making his job more difficult.

"I have seen things the president has posted his Twitter account and it has a real impact on our ability to understand what is happening in other parts of the world," said Pompeo.

"Our adversaries responded to those tweets in a way that was useful for us to understand the problems of command and control, who listens to what messages, how those messages resonate around the world," he added.

But one of Pompeo's predecessors, former CIA director Leon Panetta, offered a contrasting opinion, disagreeing with the President's tweets, particularly those that some have labeled as anti-Muslim.

  The State Department warned the White House about possible major threats after the anti-Muslim tweets ]

"When you tweet something like that, you do not know what the consequences will be, and the consequences could be lives," Panetta said as he appeared next to Pompeo.

"Not only do you throw a grenade into the room, things explode, then you do not have a strategy on how to deal with that," Panetta added later.

Pompeo also revealed that he sent a letter to a senior military official in Iran, warning that Iran would risk being held accountable if any of its proxy forces in Iraq attacked US troops.

Pompeo said the letter was sent to Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force, which oversees Iranian operations in Syria and Iraq.

US officials see that militias in both countries are under the control and influence of Iran through Soleimani, and officials have expressed concern that Tehran will use these forces to attack US personnel.

"He refused to open the letter, it did not break my heart, to be honest with you," said Pompeo. "What we were communicating to him in that letter was that we would hold him and Iran accountable for any attack on US interests in Iraq by forces under his control."

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