Dino’s unique exhibit arrives in Texas on June 23

& # 39; From the little Eoraptor to the bigger and bad cousin of T. rex, Giganotosaurus, & # 39; Exotic dinosaurs are making a rare appearance at the Perot Museum.

Dinosaurs are gathering in Texas this summer, as part of one of "A type exhibit-intended to familiarize the American public with" specimens rarely seen from the other side of the world, "promotes the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas

Nicknamed "Ultimate Dinosaurs", the unusual itinerant exhibit opens its doors to the Texan audience on June 23 and will remain open until next year, on January 6, reports Focus Daily News ]

The exhibition marks the pinnacle of the festivities that celebrate the "summer of dinosaurs" at the Perot Museum and promises to be truly unforgettable.

Presenting 20 species of exotic dinosaurs, "from the small Eoraptor until T. rex is the biggest and worst cousin, Giganotosaurus "the itinerant exhibition features cutting-edge technology that will transport the public to Prehistoric times and will attract visitors face to face with fierce creatures who are not familiar with this neck of the forest, the museum representatives notice on their website.

According to the Texas news The Glimmer Mirror the specimens exhibited in the exhibition "Ultimate Dinosaurs" are indigenous only from the southern hemisphere and are different from any other prehistoric predator that the local public has seen in previous exhibitions.

The media reveals that the "Ultimate Dinosaurs" have such a terrifying appearance that even the mighty T. rex would have felt uncomfortable to see these ferocious beasts, which sported gigantic skulls, faces similar to Crocodiles and huge claws.

If you feel the ground tremble, do not worry. It's just the @PerotMuseum doing something HUGE !! https://t.co/tgnmAklohQ

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"These are not the dinosaurs you learned at school," Dr. Linda Silver, Chief of Eugene McDermott Executive Officer of the Perot Museum, said in a statement.

"Ultimate Dinosaurs" presents a new group of fossil animals unknown to scientists 30 years ago. We have all heard of Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus … this is your chance to take a trip to the past and learn about a fascinating group of highly unusual dinosaurs from under the Equator ". [19659012] Visitors to the "Ultimate Dinosaurs" exhibit will have the opportunity to see full-sized dinosaur skeletons and watch life-size video projections of the creatures, and the exhibit will feature augmented reality viewers that will give the audience a sample of what it is to see these dinosaurs in flesh and blood.

Among the main attractions of the exhibition are 15 fully articulated dinosaur molds, along with more than a dozen prehistoric specimens and dinosaur fossils that the Public can touch and examine in detail.

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The exhibition "Ultimate Dinosaurs" is presented locally by Highland Capital Management and aims to educate viewers about the division of Pangea on today's continents and the great diversity of dinosaur species that emerged afterwards.

"Dinosaurs are often what spark an interest in science, and their exposure will surely make that interest come alive for many guests who experience it," said Thomas Surgent, partner and chief compliance officer for Highland Capital Management.

As an extra, this summer event is full of interactive games and miniature dinosaur dioramas that little ones will not want to miss.


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