Dijah Harris, with a TI post text thread, said after the report that she subtitled her on Twitter

Due to all the drama happening on social media last year, people are still talking about “Hymengate”. This refers to the situation in which rapper TI Harris spoke openly with his daughter, Dejah Harris, for OB-GYN appointments. The statements reacted fiercely. The Harris family wants to move forward with this look, but it does not appear to be due to social media.

Diaz Harris, Tip “Ti” Harris and successor Diana Harris in 2018 | Paras Griffin / Getty Images

TI recently said that he believed people “jumped to conclusions”

In 2019, TI found himself under the weight of controversy when he said he goes with his 18-year-old Daejah, who is “hymen intact” for his Obi-Gian appointments. He talked about it on the podcast, Like women.

For months, TI received critical behavior, calling the behavior inaccurate and sexist. This was the story of his most recent season of the VH1 television series, Tiwari and Tiny: The Friends and Family Hustle. During the episode, Dijeh revealed that the ordeal had embarrassed her and it was tragic.

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Just last week, TI criticized people who criticized him. They told Breakfast Club His comments were blown out of proportion and wrong. “All the other people, who jumped to conclusions and got into some weird weird s ** t, man, f ** k y’all, because it’s never tipping,” he said. “Tip has never wavered like this. Those people agreed, ‘Oh, he’s in the exam room with her.’ I never said that … those who accepted it, ‘they made it against their will.’ I never said that. “

Fans believed that Dijah Harris obliged her father

On Monday, Dejah sent a tweet in which many fans immediately assumed he was about his father, following his statements about his doctor’s appointments. She tweeted, “Look how you talk to your children. I don’t care how old they are, they still deserve the same respect you expect. “

When a fan tweeted to him and said that very often, children are not asked how they are treated because they are small, Dayja replied and said that things would change. “[B]The good thing about this generation is that we will all be much better parents and know what to do / what to say or what not to do / say to your children, regardless of their age. ” She wrote.

TI refuted this claim by sharing a text message thread with her children.

Several websites, including The Shade Room, began reporting on Dijah’s tweet. As the tweet suggests, TI commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram post, alleging nothing had been done. He said, “You will all arrive.” Every adult felt this way as a teenager at some point of life. The only difference here … she is Ti’s daughter. That two[r] Live hug…. She is finding her place in the world and is not worth living under the microscope every step of the way. I can handle that pressure and I welcome it, so apply it to ME … please leave your tf. Sincerely, a loving father. “

The rapper was not thereafter. On his Instagram page, he shared a series of texts, including Dijas. When we do not know each person in the group, it appears that this includes their children, given the fact that both Dejah and one of their sons, Domni, are there.

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In the text source, Dejah said, “It’s not always something BS. I didn’t respond to their DM for a reason and they still posted it?” TI said, “No pressure from my love. .. I would just suggest you to apply more references … IG is a place where if you don’t give them your conclusion, they will definitely draw their own … or should I say social media. I mean I didn’t want to bother you. Just you are ready for some games.

She also seemed dismayed by the fact that she has a lot of surveillance on social media and people feel that a lot of her posts are about TI which she continued, “.. What I need on my Twitter and people Should be able to tweet, just focus on their business. Everything shouldn’t be about that, that’s why I don’t like people. “

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