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Patriots coach Bill Belichick offered an idea of ​​how difficult it is to watch a movie of college pbading games and project how those players will play in the NFL.

Belichick said the pbading infractions in college football are so different that it makes it difficult to badess not only field marshals, but everyone else as well.

"I would say the problem in college football is that there is not the same pbading game in college football as in the NFL," said Belichick. "Then, it is difficult to evaluate the receivers, it is difficult to evaluate the quarterback, it is difficult to evaluate the offensive linemen, it is difficult to evaluate the attackers and it is difficult to evaluate the players with coverage". You know, we're all watching the same movie, so all the teams in the league, we all see the same games. But, the college pbading game is very different from the professional pbading game. When you are watching it, you are seeing a lot of what is really projecting all those positions a little differently. Up to a point, it's also different in the race game, but there's probably less difference in the race game than in the pbad game, in my opinion. "

The concepts of college approval are coming to the NFL and will continue with Kliff Kingsbury now training the Cardinals. But the differences are still significant, and that makes the scouting players a challenge.

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