Did you miss the ‘snow’ moon? Here’s when and where to watch it again this weekend – NBC Chicago

Did you miss the “snow moon” last night? There are still two more opportunities to catch the eye.

The second full moon of the year, called the “snow moon,” will be visible in the Chicago area this weekend.

Here’s when and where to watch it.

When can I see the “snowy” moon?

Although the moon’s peak illumination was on Saturday at 2:17 a.m., the moon can be seen every night through Sunday, according to the NBC 5 meteorologist.

Where should I look for the moon?

The “snow moon” will likely be visible in the night sky when looking to the east. According to the latest forecast models, the sky should be mostly clear with a slight chance of rain from Saturday night until early Sunday morning.

Why do we call it the ‘Snow’ Moon?

The “snow moon” got its name from the Farmer’s Almanac, which says that heavy snowfall typically occurs in the month of February. In the United States, February has historically been the snowiest month, according to meteorologists.

Other February full moons have been appropriately called the groundhog moon, falling in early February, along with the bald eagle moon and the black bear moon.

The full moon has also been named the “hungry moon” by the Cherokee tribe because food was in short supply during February due to excessive snow, the NBC 5 Storm team said.

Although much of February brought heavy snowfall, sun and warmer temperatures are expected to hit the Chicago area this weekend.

According to NBC 5 meteorologists, temperatures could hit 50 degrees Celsius on Saturday, bringing mostly sunny skies and “springtime” conditions to the region.

Areas north of Chicago will likely see highs in the upper 40s, while areas further south can expect highs in the low 50s.

On Sunday, partially sunny skies continue across the region with highs in the 50s below zero, according to the latest weather reports.


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