Did Rex Ryan legitimately talk about Tom Brady, Bill Belichick?

This has been debated throughout the season.

More than that it is now that Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Booker are playing in Super Bowl LV, while Bill Bellich and the New England Patriots sit home after the post-2020 campaign.

Who is more responsible for the Patriots dynasty: Brady or Belichick?

One could argue that Brady has settled the argument with his stunning performance as the quarterback of Tampa Bay. But let’s look at the Brady-Bellich connection through a different lens, as if it relates to the attraction of playing for New England, still coached by Bellich.

For years, players in the NFL Wanted To play for the Patriots, the league’s most successful franchise. Now, this trend may come to a scary halt with Brady no longer in New England.

Rex Ryan, the former head coach of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, argued Sunday that the Bucs had a win over the Green Bay Packers before the NFC Championship Game that Bradborough, not Brady, was always Brady at Fredborough.

“I’ll just say this: You guys are missing it. Nobody wanted to go to New England to be coached by Bill Belichick. They wanted to play with Tom Brady,” Rance said on ESPN’s “NFL Countdown” Said. “” I mean, its part is Belichick, but to play with Tom Brady. Why? She is Why are you going to win! And no quarterback wanted to go to New England, I can assure you.

Does Rex have a point?

Brady’s arrival in Tampa Bay signaled a positive culture change for the Bucs organization. Suddenly, the once inferior franchise became a desirable destination. Call it TB12 effect.

The question is whether the opposite will eventually be asked for New England, where Brady’s exit leaves Belichick as the team’s primary attraction.

The Patriots’ roster needs a change, especially in the position of the quarterback, and playing for Belichick may not seem like appealing to free agents and potential trade targets as it once did.

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