Diana Ross says she felt "raped" by a TSA agent at the airport


Diana Ross said Sunday she felt "raped" and nearly cried when a TSA agent felt between her legs during a search at the airport.

"They treated me like s-t," the 75-year-old music legend wrote In the first of a series of early morning tweets. "It makes me want to cry."

The singer of "Endless Love" said she was "treated like royalty" in New Orleans, where she performed at the Jazz and Heritage Festival, before her terrible experience at the airport.

"Let me be clear, not the peiple [sic] or Delta BUT TSA, was above! It makes me want to cry " she wrote.

"It's not what was done but how" she insisted in a third message.

"I feel violated, I still feel his hands between my legs, the front and back (telling me it's his job,) WOW! Really mixed emotions, I always like to see good things but I do not feel good at the moment."

However, a TSA spokesman told People that the CCTV images seemed to show that the officers involved "correctly followed all the protocols."

"TSA is aware of concerns raised by Diana Ross about her projection experience at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans," the statement said.

"The initial review of CCTV indicates that the agents involved in the evaluation of Ms. Ross correctly followed all the protocols; however, the TSA leadership will continue to investigate the matter. We encourage Ms. Ross to contact the TSA so we can work directly with her to address her concerns. "

Ross followed the complaint by sharing a video of his singing of The Supremes "Stop! In the Name of Love" at the festival.

"I feel better, it took me a minute," he wrote.

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