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The guests of Big Brother 21 played the final of Whacktivity Comp in the episode of Sunday night and with that came a power that has not been seen in Big Brother's house since Big Brother 12. The power of Diamond's veto returned to the game, but there are some differences

The episode begins just after Kemi's eviction and the victory of Nick's family head. And the tensions are high. Bella and Nick are upset with Kemi's eviction speech and there is a dishonest vote that is not taken into account Jackson is trying to immediately say that the dishonest vote for Jessica was Nicole. Even though it was him, of course.

Kemi is called to the newspaper room and Bella stops her to call her for what she said during her eviction speech. And things heat up very fast. To say that the two are no longer friends is an understatement. We even have intense fighting music. It is not the music of BB8 Evel Dick, but the sill.

Jackson tells Jack that he's the one who voted to evict Jessica. Jack says it's diabolical, but I want to say that it's not like Nicole is not already at the bottom of everything, so I'm not sure why trying to cast a vote on her would turn someone into an intellectual mind, but it would go . And Nicole knows that they will blame her anyway. But Nick and Bella really think that the vote was Jackson. They really believe in Nicole and think that Jackson seems paranoid and is mentioning Nicole's name too much. Nick says he does not want to put Nicole.

It's time for the next Whacktivity Comp! Analyze, Nick, Jessica and Christie are playing in the final composition. For this competition, they have to move around thousands of badroaches to decipher a message.

And Christie wins it easily! But what is its power? She goes to the Journal Room to find out. And it's a diamond veto power. Only this time it can be used anonymously. But that is not the other difference. This power, when activated, allows the veto holder to convert the veto into the Diamond Veto Power, which allows that person to defeat a candidate and make his or her own replacement candidate. So it looks like it's not like a spare veto like in the past. Christie has to win a veto to turn it into one or she can convert another person's veto into one, which does not allow her to become the new nominee. He explained it because when he activates it, he converts a regular veto into a DPOV.

Meanwhile, Kemi tells Nicole that Bella told her that Christie heard Cliff talk about the alliance between Nicole, Cliff and Ovi. Nicole tells Cliff.

After that conversation with Kemi, Nicole is a little worried about her safety this week, so she decides to go talk to Nick and Bella. Nicole tells them that Jackson was implying that she was going to fire Nick and Bella. This does not have an immediate impact, but it will do so later. So stay tuned …

At the nomination ceremony, Nick follows his original plan and nominates Cliff and Jessica. Nick says he thought it would be easier to nominate people who were already in the block. Nick lets us know that he was very close to putting Jack and Jackson (it was not really, as the Live Feed observers know).

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