Diablo IV reintroduces its skills and talent system

Today during its latest quarterly developer update, Blizzard Entertainment made elaborate changes to the Diablo IV’s skills and talent system.

Blizzard revealed Diablo IV last November. Since then, we have been receiving small updates on the project from these quarterly developer updates. Diablo IV is a very big game for Blizzard. If it succeeds, it could give Activision-owned developer another pillar to keep the company as staples like World of Walker, Heartstone and Overwatch age.

Talent and skill is an important aspect for most action role-playing games such as Diablo IV. Diablo III has a simple (and divisive) system where players simply earn new abilities according to their level. When Blizzard introduced Diablo IV, it featured a basic talent tree system for the game, in which players can spend to unlock skill points and upgrade abilities and passive effects. You can see the original Diablo IV skill tree below.

Above: How the Barbarian skill tree looked like in Diablo IV.

Image Credit: Blizzard

“We’re reading through a lot of comments from the community and agree that the talent system needs more depth,” Diablo IV system designer David Kim explains in the developer update. “Similarly, the progression of the skill system felt much easier, which created issues where a player would have no meaningful reason to spend their skill points. With this valuable feedback in mind, we are focusing on a new skill system. ”

Below, you can see what the Diablo IV skill tree will look like now.

Above: A tree of skill! This is for the enchantress class.

Image Credit: Blizzard

The new skill trees have more nodes and separate sections for active and passive abilities. The Kaushal tree is also now a literal tree consisting of routes with more deviations. Active abilities form branches, while you can find passive ones at the roots. Class nodes represent active skills. The circular ones increase those active points. While unlocking the nodes in those branches, you will earn points that you can use on those passive capacity nodes in the roots.

Once you are playing the final game content, you should have about 30% -40% of the selected nodes. This means that there must be multiple builds for each class.

You can find the complete developer update here.

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