Diablo Amar will not have Diablo 3-style seasons

On Thursday, Blizzard revealed a host of new details around Diablo immortal – its mobile Diablo game – and even launched an alpha test in Australia. Diablo immortal Similar in many ways Diablo 3, But at a preview event on Monday, Blizzard told us that its mobile game is more about a single-character experience than current Diablo games for consoles and PCs. This means that a key feature will be absent Diablo immortal On launch: season

Diablo 3Games of the season have been going on for years now. If you’re unfamiliar, every few months, Blizzard starts a new season Diablo 3. Each new season players are asked to start a fresh character and protect them from scratch. Players then engage that one character – with unique seasonal effects – for a few months, trying to see how far they can get. Then, Blizzard starts a new season and they do it again.

Instead of just dropping it every few months to rebuild a character, Blizzard wants to take more of a single-character approach Immortal. Players can have many different classes on their account, so Blizzard expects most players to play mainly with just one.

Diablo immortal Seems impressed by world of Warcraft in that way. Instead of weather, Immortal Can lure players back with expanders and major patches to keep the game new. Ideologically, the players will have characters from years that they have spent almost all their time.

This is a significant change in philosophy for Diablo, especially for hardcore players. I’ve spent time with over 30 characters Diablo 3 Since Blizzard launched that game in 2012 Diablo 3 Easy to come and easy to go – Seasonal models rely on players moving to a new one every few months, swapping character classes based on the seasonal event. Some players also create hardcore characters, who disappear after their first death. Blizzard wants players to invest in themselves Diablo immortal Character for years to come, and Diablo 3Seasons are not compatible with this type of playing style.

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