DHS breaking new metric for percent positive COVID-19 cases

MADISON, Wis. – The state Health Services Department has posted a new COVID-19 metric on its website on Wednesday.

News 3 has now used the percentage of positive cases as a metric for the past few months, as seen in the chart below.

The chart includes the percentage of people who test positive for coronavirus compared to the percentage of people who test negative. On Wednesday, the number peaked at 17.2%.

Kovid chart 1

News 3 now uses data from charts on the DHS website as part of our coverage. Worth noting is that in the chart above, a person’s results are measured only once.

In this chart, it means that anyone who tests positive once and tests positive will be reported as a positive case only a second time. This applies to those who test negative for the virus more than once.

Kovid chart 2

A new chart from DHS was posted on Wednesday, including every single test conducted so far.

For people who test positive more than once, each test will be recorded. As of Wednesday, the percentage positive for that statistic sits at 9.4%.

The DHS page states that the percentage on the new chart is positively low as it includes several repeated tests.

Kovid chart 3

DHS placed two lines of each chart side-by-side in each other chart.

Overall, the two lines follow the same trajectory but begin to diverge around mid-June.

Health officials said the deviation was due to improvements in the state’s testing capacity. As a result, the state has started seeing more iteration tests.

Channel 3000 will report both numbers in our coverage to give readers a complete picture of the daily test results.