Dez Bryant releases a strong statement to Deshaun Watson amid he has 20 lawsuits against him

Dez Bryant hates this whole situation for Deshaun Watson.

The free agent wide receiver took to Instagram and delivered a passionate statement to the Houston Texans quarterback:

“I’m sorry you have to go through this brother and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. This needs attention to get other athletes out of the “it will never happen to them” mentality.

Many powerful people truly believe that they gave us our powers … they just provided a platform … True or not, Desahun Watson is his name … athletes protecting his reputation should be his number 1 priority. “

I don’t see enough athletes supporting you out loud and hoping for the best result for all parties involved. That’s our problem … we support until proven otherwise … “

The former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver has shown Watson love in the past after going after Brett Favre for his comments about the QB demanding a trade from Houston:

Watson’s trade this offseason appears to be dead in the water, as no team will know if he will be available to play now that the league is conducting its own investigation.

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