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Devin Nunes is acquitted of misconduct by Trump aide monitoring revelation

WASHINGTON – A congressional ethics panel on Thursday removed Representative Devin Nunes, Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, from irregularities related to accusations that he unduly divulged classified information.

The House Ethics Committee opened the investigation in April after Mr. Nunes held a press conference to announce that the Obama administration had collected intelligence about Donald J. Trump's associates. Mr. Nunes made that information public after Trump falsely claimed on Twitter that President Barack Obama had intercepted Trump Tower during the transition.

After the investigation was opened, Mr. Nunes departed from the investigation of his commission on Russian meddling. in the 2016 elections, and Representative K. Michael Conaway, Republican of Texas, took charge. It was not clear if Mr. Nunes would resume his role as research leader.

The ethics committee said it does not determine whether the information is classified. But as part of its investigation, the panel consulted experts in intelligence community classification.

"Based solely on these classification experts' conclusion that the information revealed by Representative Nunes was not classified, the committee will not take any action and considers this matter closed," the committee said in a written statement.

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