Devika Rotavan: “She was 9 when she identified Kasab”

Congress MLA Zeeshan Siddiqui met Devika Rotavan at her residence in Bandra (East)

Mumbai: Maharashtra MLA Zeeshan Siddhan said that Devika Rotavan, a nine-year-old girl who identified terrorist Ajmal Kasab in court after being shot by gunmen during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, faces severe financial crisis. Lay and required immediate assistance.

Mr. Siddique, who is just 20 years old, who went to meet Ms. Rotavan, at his cramped residence in Bandra (East), said he was inspired by her story and called upon the state government to reward her for her bravery. is.

“Meet Devika Rotavan. This brave girl was nine years old when she identified the terrorist Kasab in court after the 26/11 attacks. She showed me her bullet wounds and I heard her inspiring story,” Mr. Siddiqui, of the area There was a Congress leader representing. said.

Mr. Siddiqui said that when he heard about his financial struggles he went to Ms. Rotavan’s house with a check, asking Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to allot a house in the city to the girl and her family under a special quota said.

“I request the honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra that this brave girl Devika be given a house in Mumbai under a special quota. I will write a letter for the same! We should award her for the bravery shown to her. It is a great token.” Will happen.” Appreciation from #MahaVikasAghadi! “Mr. Siddiqui tweeted.

Eleven years ago, Ms. Rotavan stood in court – with the help of Baisakhi – and while targeting Ajmal Kasab, identified the Pakistani terrorist as the man who shot her.

Describing the events of the night of 26 November, he said: “There was a loud explosion … My father said that we should leave and, holding me in his arms, he started running in one direction, while my brother in the other. Ran in the direction. ”

He said, “As we were leaving, I saw two people firing at people. I had a bullet in my right leg.” My leg broke and blood came out. ”

Last year, Ms. Rotavan shared her experience in a post for the Facebook page Humans of Bombay.

“I was very angry. The flashbacks of the women and children who died at the station came back to me. But the clearest memory I had was of their faces… I couldn’t get their faces out of my mind,” he said. Wrote that post.

Ms Rotavan said that because she testified, “everyone disassociates themselves from their family”.

“The state government’s promise of a flat is still unfulfilled. But we are not giving up because we did what we did for the country.”