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Responding to what is becoming a first world audio, Apple on Monday revealed new ways in which it will facilitate the inclusion of live radios and podcasts on their devices. While the technology giant has long supported the popular radio transmission applications, Siri is taking action, so users can call the digital badistant to access some 100,000 radio stations.

In the midst of a barrage of product updates announced yesterday at its World Developers Conference in San Jose, Apple said it is offering live radio through Siri, its digital badistant. "Today we present live radio so that I can ask Siri to play the iHeartRadio, TuneIn and stations," Stacey Lysik, Senior Director of the OS Program at Apple, said on Monday. "In fact, we have more than 100,000 radio stations around the world."

Apple already had a relationship with iHeart and a spokesperson for the radio and broadcast company said the integration with Siri will be added later this year.

Apple's live radio announcement was made as part of an upgrade from Siri, which Apple said is improving on its HomePod smart speaker, AirPods wireless headphones, iPhone and CarPlay, the technology giant's connected car platform. Handoff, the feature that allows you to start something on an Apple device and then pick it up in another, will now allow you to go home and touch your iPhone to transfer what is playing on your iPhone to HomePod. Then, someone who listens to a live radio broadcast on your iPhone can continue listening to the station when it arrives at your home or office or another place where you use the Apple HomePod smart speaker.

According to Edison Research, 41% of early adopter users asked their smart speaker to listen to an AM / FM station last week, compared to 47% or top users. Early adopters are defined as an individual who has had an intelligent speaker for at least one year, while general principles refer to those who have had one for less than a year.

In addition to admitting live radio broadcasts, Apple said it has improved the way Siri sounds. Thanks to machine learning, Apple says that Siri now has a more natural cadence and a greater emphasis, especially on longer or more complex sentences.

The removal of iTunes

Perhaps the most important news is that Apple is eliminating iTunes almost two decades after it changed the way people buy and listen to music. It will be replaced by three desktop applications called Music, TV and Podcasts, much like the way those services are already distributed on iPhones and iPads. The dedicated Apple Podcasts desktop app "presents all the great features you're used to in iOS, such as where you can watch new episodes and track your listening on all your devices, and it includes a great feature that you have to see with the search, "said Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple. It was the annual developer conference for the standard application, which comes with the release of the next version of MacOS called Catalina.

Even bigger for the podcasters than the launch of a dedicated application was the news that Apple was also using its technology to help the growing problem of how to help listeners find what are now more than 700,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts. "Sometimes you hear about something on the radio or a new podcast in the news and you want to know more about that, but you're not sure what the title was," Federighi said. "Now we use machine learning to index spoken content or podcasts so you can search for that content and find the podcast with just a few clicks in the application."

The iTunes division will also be a dedicated Apple Music application. "With its singular focus on music it's very simple, but it has all the features you expect from iTunes at the same time it's incredibly fast." It's the best place for Apple Music subscribers with personalized recommendations from a catalog of more than 50 Millions of songs, "said Federighi, Apple is also making it easier for podcasters and music streaming companies to find Apple Watch users, the company said the device now has its own application store, meaning that users have to trust your partner to find or download applications. "You can stream excellent content such as podcasts, music, sports games live," said Kevin Lynch, Apple vice president of technology.

As part of the new MacOS features expected in the fall, Apple users will be able to buy and download songs through the iTunes Music store within the Apple Music app, and buy movies and TV shows on the Apple TV application. . of iTunes is consistent with consumer preferences to pay for access to content instead of a proprietary model.

"Apple had to put the pieces in place for everything to happen," Ramon Llamas or IDC Research told CNN Business. "If you look at consumer behavior where users are willing to pay a regular fee for unlimited content, and that's what they can get from other services like Spotify, Pandora and Netflix, Apple is smartly aligned against those competitors with their own approach ".

In other news from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference:

  • CarPlay is receiving its biggest update. The dashboard infotainment platform will sport an updated visual design that can display multiple applications in a single view and new features such as enhanced Siri support and a "lightweight" mode. Apple will allow automakers to allow CarPlay to appear on other screens (such as groups of digital instruments).
  • A new Mac Pro, whose CEO Tim Cook is the most powerful Mac ever created, will launch at $ 6,000.
  • A new operating system for the iPad (iPadOS) will offer a grid of tighter icons and more tools for elimination on the home screen. A sliding feature "will allow users to move between applications with simple finger movements, bringing aspects from one window to another through the drops," according to CBS News.
  • The new iOS 13 will offer a new Apple mapping application and incorporate more privacy protections. A new "Dark Mode" allows you to find the last lightest mode on previous iPhones.

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