Developer modifies 4G-gen iPods with built-in Wi-Fi and Spotify

The iPod Touch is officially the only iPod ever released with a Wi-Fi connection, but what if other older iPods had access to an Internet connection and streaming services? That’s what developer Guy DuPont was able to do with its fourth-generation iPod, which was modified with built-in Wi-Fi and a Spotboy app.

The fourth generation iPod (and we’re not talking about the iPod Touch) was introduced in 2004 with a really small display, click wheel, and no wireless connection. This has not stopped Dupont from turning one of these iPods into a modern device – one that can also access songs from Spotify.

In fact, there are not many original iPods left in this modified device. This is because the developer replaced almost all of the internal components to achieve this, simply keeping the original case through the click wheel (via) To engage) is. Nevertheless, the end result is quite interesting and fun to watch.

The “sPot” called by DuPont features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a color screen, and an internal 1,000mAh battery. They used a $ 10 Raspberry Pi Zero W and a micro-USB connector (which is using Spotify’s official API) to create and install a version of Spotify that resembles the classic iPod interface.

DuPont demonstrated modifying and sharing audio playing on Spotify with an external speaker via a Bluetooth connection in a video on its channel, which you can watch below:

The total cost of the project is less than $ 100, but the developer has no intention of selling modified iPods with Spotify. Instead, he shared more information about how he built “sPot” on Hackade as well as the source code of the software he built on GitHub.

Although it doesn’t seem like what many users would do with their iPods, it certainly makes me wonder what would have happened if Apple had introduced the new versions of the iPod Classic or iPod Nano with Apple Music.

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