Detroit’s police chief explained the lack of violent riots in the Motor City: ‘We don’t retreat here’

Detroit Police Chief James Craig on Tuesday discussed in “Tucker Carlson Tonight” why the city has been spared violent protests in other urban centers across America?

“We don’t retreat here in Detroit. We’re just not going to do it,” Craig told host Tucker Carlson. “You saw images … on the streets where there was chaos, looting, burning. No sign of police officers. We were not giving land to the fundamentalists. We just didn’t do it.”

While Detroit has avoided major unrest, Portland has been reeling from nighttime demonstrations and riots for more than two months, rejecting President Trump’s proposals for federal aid.

Flashback: Depot Police recently examined FIIIT’s video in front of officers.

In clear contrast to Portland, Craig told Carlson, the citizens of Detroit are “fed up with these radical protests.”

“I am not talking about these peaceful protests … [I mean] These deceptive fundamentalists have tried to incite violence in our city, “the chief said.” They said, ‘We are not going with this.’ And so we got some things. We’ve got a great police department, great leadership, but we have a community that stands with us and said, ‘Enough is enough.’

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Earlier this month, protests killed 20-year-old Hakeem Littleton in the city, including an officer. However, officers released video showing Littleton opened fire on officers who were making arrests before being shot and killed.

At the time, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan praised Craig for releasing the video shortly after Littleton’s death.

Craig said, “So when you talk separately here, we have a city that stands together and oh, I know there’s a lot of conversation going on about the mayors in these big cities.” “Our Mayor stands with this Police Chief, stands with this Police Department [and] We will not tolerate this violence. It is important. “

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