Detroit Lions Radio Changing Homes, From WJR to 97.1

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Detroit The Lions will have a new home for their radio broadcast in 2021 – WXYT-FM (97.1).

Lions president Rod Wood confirmed the lengthy rumor-ridden move on Friday morning in an interview on the show “Stoney & Jenson”. In September, the Free Press reported that the move was expected to take place.

“Certainly, a lot of things were taken into consideration,” Wood said. “Its business side and partnership and obviously (97.1) is the premier station for sports in our city. We’re a great sports city. Most of our fans listen to your show all day, and go back to the same day. I think Hai, there is a harmony with our fans and that was a big part of it. “

The Lions left 97.1 for WJR-AM (760) in 2016 after being angered by the team’s popular but opinionated afternoon drive-time host Mike Valenti.

Mail bag: Preferred for GM / Coach jobs; Matthew Stafford’s biggest hit

At the time, CBS Detroit’s senior vice president and market manager Debbie Kenian said in a statement that the sticking point in a conversation with the Lions was the station’s “refusal to talk about the team and an honest assessment on the air about this team Refused to do. ” . “

The Lions spent 20 seasons with CJ Radio, then by parent company, 97.1, before moving on to WJR. The station is now owned by Entercom, but has the same air-talent and management as it did five years ago, including Valentin.

Asked on Friday if the Lions had developed thick skin since leaving the station, Wood said, “I know what you’re referring to and I’m not going to comment.”

“Whatever is past is past,” he said. “And we are excited about the future and look forward to it.”

Dan Miller, in his 16th season, is hoping to return as the Lions play-by-play voice.

Wood addressed several other topics in his interview with 97.1, including:

n Looking for new coach / gm: “I’ve been spending a lot of time with Chris and Mike Disner and Sheila (Ford Hamp), actually seeing all the candidates we’re hearing about. There’s all kinds of information from other teams and agents. And People who are sharing information with us, including our search committee which is very useful. And trying to identify the people we want to talk to. Something we can talk about now, because They are not attached to a team. We have some. Wait until the season is over. And restore and prioritize the list of coaches and general managers. “

n How does this search differ from previous searches: “The one thing that I think we’re doing differently that didn’t happen, at least in the searches I was involved with Bob and Matt, is actually recognizing that we are Detroit Lion coaches and general manager’s What do you want. What not. Some other teams want, but what do the Detroit Lions want? So we are discussing and expanding on very specific criteria that are unique to us and hopefully one person Will fit what we think and we think that person is. And I don’t know if it will take a month or two months or weeks, but when we find that person, hopefully they match those criteria. Accounts that we have developed and they are going to be the right person for us and not the right person for any other team. “

n On interview process: “Everything is determined by the league going through the zoom until the season ends. … Once the season ends, whenever in some cases after the playoffs, the end of the regular season In, for every team including us. In other cases, then we can start meeting people face to face. But until then, it’s all zoom. “

n On whether he will be involved in the football decisions going forward: “That was the way it was and it would be that way. There is a reporting structure, but not a noticeable structure, I think, if that’s the answer to the question. I don’t involve myself in any of those decisions “We hire people who specialize in that and we let them do their work,” compared to Sheila.

n How Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp would separate from her parents: “Once we’re back to normal, she’ll be around the building and helping to set and look at the culture, and trying to learn as much as she can. She sat in all the interviews Is what we’ve done like this. ” Those who are ahead of us. I think he is going to be really good for the organization externally and internally, because he is going to be present and involved and connected. This is important for everyone, not only the building people but the fan. And people we are trying to attract to join the organization. They want to know who the owner is and how committed the owner is, and I think that would be great. “

n On the difficulty of finding the right candidate based on their criteria: “It’s tough. And it’s a whole process. I just keep collecting a kind of information and talking to people I trust and then people as a priority I said, and hopefully That we will meet once. ” It will become really clear. All I am doing right now is hearing first-second or second-hand or third-hand information about people, and I think once you meet them you will understand, ‘This person is our for.'”

n Chris Spielman and his new role with the Lions: “It only seems like a year, but it’s only a couple of weeks and my day usually starts with Chris at 4 o’clock lesson, with an idea that he thinks about overnight, and not me. Looks like he was addressing me. As soon as he woke up, I think he went for a while. So we started at 4 in the morning, and I have spoken to him twice this morning and so far 8: Neither is 15. “

n How strongly did the Lions consider the quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft: “Certainly, we evaluate every position and every position is placed on the draft board, and the selection we made was based on what we thought was the best thing for the Detroit Lions this season. Was. Whether a quarterback gets drafted next year or the year after that, the decision we will make is the next year or the next for the Detroit Lions. And I know the quarterbacks that were taken and the ones we didn’t take. , And Matthew (Stafford’s health and his age. But he is our quarterback and he is still playing at a very high level. But we will ultimately have to decide on someone, and when we do we hope to find the right place. But the team will be. Evaluate those quarterbacks on time and make the right pick for the Detroit Lions. “

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