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Details for Tetris Effect Playable Demo, game modes

Enhance Games has shared details for its next playable demo planned for Tetris effect.

The "Weekend Test Demo" will be launched through the PlayStation Store on November 1 and will continue through the following Monday, November 5.

Here are all the new details:

Weekend test demo

the Tetris effect: Weekend test demo It will be available for download on PlayStation Store from Thursday, November 1 and will run until the morning of Monday, November 5. (Note: this is a true limited time demonstration: once it is deactivated on November 5, the demo will no longer be available). It can be played or is available for download. Because of this, an online connection is required to play the demo, although it is not required for the final game.) As with the final game, the Weekend test demo it can be completely reproduced in 2D, including 4K resolution and HDR compatibility in PlayStation 4 Pro, or optionally in VR.

the Tetris effect: Weekend test demo consists of three stages of the main campaign "Travel mode" (FYI: 27 total stages of travel mode in the final game), as well as two "Effect modes" (FYI: 10 more in the final game): Marathon mode and Mystery Mode. These modes are explained in more detail below, along with all other effect modes.

In addition, a special event "Weekend Ritual" will be held for 24 hours during the demonstration weekend (starting at 12:00 p.m. UTC on Saturday, November 3), during which all the players of the Weekend test demo You can play a specific way to earn points towards a community goal. If 100 percent of that community goal is reached in the 24-hour period, a special avatar will be unlocked in the game for all players who participated in the event, which can only be used in the demonstration. A weekend ritual event like this will be held every weekend once it is complete Tetris effect the game is released on November 9, highlighting different effects modes each week.

Tetris effect Summaries of the game mode

Travel mode

This is the main campaign and the heart of Tetris effect. After choosing between one of the three difficulties (beginner, normal, expert), the players travel through a series of stages, each with its own theme, graphics, music, sound effects, etc., all of which are synchronize with the game.

Effect modes

These are all other modes in the game: a collection of different configurations and rules designed to evoke different moods in which the player may be (or wants to be), as well as different levels of skill.

The effect modes are divided into four categories based on the "effect" the player must have, that is, relax with "Relax", concentrate with "Focus", enjoy the familiarity / nostalgia of the "Classic" modes, or Try something unique with "adventurous".

Follow a complete list of all effect modes, grouped by category and including a brief explanation for each:

  1. Effect mode category: classic
    • Marathon mode: Get the best score you can within a limit of 150 lines.
    • Ultra Mode: Get the best score you can in three minutes.
    • Spring mode: Clear 40 lines as fast as you can.
    • Master mode: Tetris incredibly fast. Not for the faint of heart.
  2. Effect mode category: relax
    • Chill Marathon Mode: A more relaxed version of Marathon without Game Over. If the Tetriminos reach the top of the Matrix (playing field), they are removed from the board, leaving it empty again.
    • Quick game mode: Play at any stage you choose without Game Over.
    • Playlist mode: Sea: Immerse yourself in four aquatic scenarios with a new and continuous specially designed relaxing environmental music track.
    • Playlist mode: Wind: Glide through four windy stages with a new continuous track of relaxing specially designed environmental music.
    • Playlist mode: World: Explore four diverse stages with a new continuous track of relaxing, specially designed environmental music.
  3. Effect mode category: Focus
    • All clear way: Win as many All Clears as possible before the time runs out. Each All Clear will return some time to the clock.
    • Combo mode: Win as many combos as you can before the time runs out. Each successful Combo execution will return some time to the clock.
    • Destination mode: Clear as many target blocks as you can before the time runs out. Each set of deleted destination blocks will return some time to the clock.
  4. Effect mode category: Adventurer
    • Countdown mode: Use the I-Tetriminos that fall automatically to score deleted lines and bonus points.
    • Purify the mode: Remove as many dark blocks as you can within three minutes. You can erase the Dark Blocks by deleting the line they are in, and / or writing down multiple line deletions, combos, etc.
    • Mystery Mode: Try to survive a marathon session because the random effects (some good and bad ones) continue to appear.

Tetris effect It is released for PlayStation 4 on November 9.

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