Details about the Madison Bumgarner non-exchange list

Details about the Madison Bumgarner non-exchange list

Details about the Madison Bumgarner non-exchange list

The athletic Ken Rosenthal has the details. in the left-handed giants Madison BumgarnerThe limited list of non-exchange, which, for five years, the extension of $ 35MM (plus 2018 and '19 years of option) that signed before the 2013 season, can contain up to eight teams. The four-time All-Star could block exchanges with the Braves, the Red Sox, the Cubs, the Astros, the Brewers, the Yankees, the Phillies and the Cardinals in the next trade deadline.

If the list seems curious by the inclination of its contender, it is by design: Bumgarner's representatives seem to have carefully selected the teams best suited to chase the southpaw for a pennant push later this season. High profile players can often negotiate some type of compensatory bonus if they move to a team on their restricted list at any time during the contract, and the former 30 year old who looks like it will be soon is not a exception.

Apparently, Atlanta is the stalemate here. Bumgarner grew up in the hills of North Carolina, the lowest regions of the vast heart of the country of the Braves, and was raised as a devout devotee of Atlanta. Surely he would take the opportunity to join a team of Braves that chase the flags, one that will probably have rising stars Mike Soroka Y Max Fried in a strict limit of entries as the season progresses, although if the sudden pettiness of Atlanta will be interested is a completely different conversation.

As Alex Pavlovic of NBC Bay Area explainsThere have been no indications that Bumgarner blocked the deals with any of the teams included in his list, although the explicit comments of the attacker on the issue have not yet materialized. Andy Martino of SNY tweets that the Yankees, Bumgarner's most connected suitor, are "not particularly high" in the southpaw, an impression that could undoubtedly change with another solid performance of a couple of months, along with a continuous exhaustion of the team's initial staff.

After two seasons full of injuries, in which the peripherals of Bumgarner had collapsed considerably, the ace in a single time has revived part of its mojo of half decade: its average speed of 84 xFIP and 91.8 is its best mark in the categories since the 2015 season, and their swing strike rate of 11.5% has risen above their career average. Again he is hitting one batter for every nine, and his BB rate has returned to barely traceable levels, with the 1.45 mark actually the lowest of his career.

If there is one area of ​​concern, it is the rate of the ball in the ground, which has plummeted to a minimum of 36.8%, leaving the 10-year-old veterinarian more vulnerable than ever to longball. There is also, of course, their rental status: teams are more reluctant than ever to give up high-quality talent for only two months or more of a star player, and Bumgarner, even during its heyday, was always closer to the third. opener. that the ace

His reputation in the postseason precedes him, no, he surrounds it, although the modern headquarters will not fall prey to the blue ox next to his October story by Paul Bunyan, and now they are much more likely to consider the show in which it was held. . In fact, the career of Bumgarner 93 xFIP- in the postseason is actually considerably worst that the child of the season Clayton KershawS 82, a fact that, if relevant at the beginning, is almost certainly not ruled out in considerations.

Three's also a matter for the Giants' majority owner, Charles Johnson, who is said to be a favorite, and a group of owners who are always willing to pay for the stars of recent seasons. The Bumgarner saga can last until well into the summer, but there is still a clear possibility that the southpaw will stay in San Fran in the long term.

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