Destiny 2K Travelers Chosen Evolution Exotic Quest Finale Is, And Very Easy

Well we hope that after the finale of Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes something Today will be in the game, there is more.

The evacuation quest has progressed again, and yes, you can see it through to the end, which will provide you with the new Traveler’s Chozen Exotic Cedarum … which is the whole point, I’ll get to it later.

If you are in the mood for something simple and granular, then this is the search for you.

The real meat of the quest is driving a few different lost sectors, adventures, and strikes on the lost areas. No special editions, just normal people, except maybe a new enemy that you have to kill from time to time with a special Savathoon-adjacent name. In truth, a lot of the missions you do here were some early goth teasers, and it’s kind of wild to see how many places she’s still been before she appeared in the game.

You’ll be rewarded with a bunch of specific Nightfall Drops from each area, non-random roll strike specific loot that can help you get the wafer title, and at one point Zavala gives you the ambition of Mindbender for some reason, regardless The only tangled edge is the strike all around.

The grand finale is… nothing, really. No special mission. You just run a few waves of EP together to scrape a few pieces of Raskutin that can lead to Ana Tower.

A really good part of this discovery is Vidya, in the dialog box for both vendors, but especially in the Vidya book.

Going here to go to the spoiler area but there are one very Important developments here mixed with punk moments.

  • Sloan did some sort of boycott and killed one million hives as his laugh is broadcast around the station. He goes out in Gaurav’s eyes.
  • Asher Mir fights a ton of VX and using his Guardian powers crashes the Radiolarian lake one last time inside the pyramid so that the darkness cannot unravel its secrets. Another blast of glory.
  • Brother Vance finally works to take Nervous to the Infinite Forest, sealing it behind him, and he appears to be another timeline version of himself. Typical brother once.
  • Ana actually leaves the tower with bits of Rasputin in the tower, and she is riding the shotgun with an used Exo chassis meaning that Rasputin is getting an actual body at some point.
  • Ana and Zavala talk and there is a line where he says that he is not presenting his Hunter Mohra “until you kill Cade and we were the wrong guy this whole time?” Ie Heavy Confirmation that the next in line for Hunter Vanguard is actually Uldren Sov, because of the Vanguard Dare where he kills Cayed, he takes his place. I was wondering if “we have the wrong man” implies that Uldren has been captured and held somewhere safe / imprisoned rather than possibly hiding.

The gun itself is very cool. It stacks up reload speed, handling and target acquisition on the kill up to X10, then you can hold R to consume those stacks to recuperate melee, grenades and square energy. Like, all the energy, too much. This is especially wild for PvE. Seems like a good weapon, but we’ll see how it goes. It does not have a catalytic slot, so unlike most new weapons these days, it is not debuting with one.

But yes the wild times in lore, less in sports themselves, as always. But I definitely recommend you search for yourself and experience it to the fullest.

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