Destiny 2 Xur Location Guide: Where is Xur, what exotic products are you selling? (December 3)


It's that time of the week when Destiny 2 players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC leave everything and go to see Xur to find new equipment and exotic weapons. This week, everyone's favorite half time has appeared on Earth and, as always, we have all the information you need to find it and see what merchandise is selling this week.

Finding it, at this point, should be easy. He has been in this place many times, but if you need a review here it is: quick trip to Winding Cove and when you arrive at your Sparrow. On the left side you should see a winding road, follow it a little and you will see a small cliff with a ship shot down. Get off your Sparrow and jump to the rocks and you'll be able to cope. If you still find it difficult, look at our video above, in which you will also see what it is offering. Alternatively, you can consult the gallery of the most recent images of your latest collection.

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Click on the picture to see it in full screen
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  • Sweet Business (automatic rifle) – 29 legendary fragments
  • Lucy Raspberry (Chest Armor) -23 Legendary Fragments
  • Legendary Fragments (Gauntlets) – 23 Legendary Fragments
  • Dire Ahamkara Skull (Warlock Clbad Helmet) – 23 Legendary Fragments

Bungie has detailed his vision for the future of Destiny 2 in a blog post preview publication, which took the place of a canceled Curse of Osiris broadcast. The study described its plans for two updates next month, the first coming December 5 along with Curse of Osiris, and on December 12 will receive other followers. These updates will "deepen the rewards for advanced players, provide more control over the rewards, make the fragments useful by adding things to use; [and] provide general quality corrections whenever possible."

December 5 update, new armor trims will be added for "some" existing armor, so players can change the look of their equipment without affecting their Shaders or Mods. There will also be changes in how the Banshee mods are acquired.

In the December 12 update, Bungie will present Masterworks versions of legendary weapons, which track and display your deaths with that weapon (and can be configured to show the Crucible or total kill deaths). Masterworks weapons can also create Orbs when multiple kill is scored, and have weapon stats bonuses that are "randomly selected from a small group and can be rolled up again". They address a common complaint that duplicate weapons are really useless in the current game. You can read more details about the upcoming Destiny 2 update changes.

The expansion of Curse of Osiris, meanwhile, will launch on December 5th. It will increase the level limit of Destiny 2 and offer exclusive content of PS4. For more information, check out some of the new armor and equipment from Curse of Osiris or check out the game Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

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