Destiny 2: the Witch Queen expansion has been delayed until 2022

The next Destiny 2 the expansion will not launch this year. Bungie says he’s running late The witch queen until 2022, in part due to complications stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With COVID-19 keeping us away from the office and the large amount of work on our plates, we needed to reschedule to ensure that both this year’s updates and The witch queen both were delivered with the quality we strived for and on a schedule that made sense to everyone involved, “wrote assistant game director Joe Blackburn. The studio also realized that it needs to add another chapter afterward. Lightfall (the expansion that was originally planned for 2022) to complete the “first Destiny saga”.

Bungie was already considering moving the annual expansions into the first half of the year, largely for the sake of “the health of the team.” The impact of COVID-19, along with the complexity of The witch queen and other plans the studio has for 2021 apparently facilitated that call.

On the other hand, Blackburn revealed some positive news for Destiny 2 players in place. Bungie is. He said the studio will conduct alpha testing during season 14 with the goal of implementing cross-play for everyone when season 15 begins in the fall. The studio will not pair PC and console gamers unless those on PC invite friends from other platforms to team up with them.

Starting in season 14, Bungie will backtrack on an unpopular mechanic that brought Destiny 2 as part of last year (which was also). The study incorporated an extinction system, whereby it effectively gave every weapon and loot (except exotics) an expiration date, such as grades. It was no longer possible to increase the potency of the elements one year after their introduction.

The goal was to bring a better balance to the game and prevent certain weapons from being overpowered. Players can still wear gear on at dusk for patrols and other activities where power level doesn’t matter much, but those weapons are much less useful in raids.

“This is a big change for Destination and one we did not do lightly, ”Blackburn wrote. “However, we believe that there is nothing more important in Destiny than getting our rewards right.” Bungie will look at other ways to create “a fresh and balanced ecosystem for our most ambitious content,” but it’s unlikely to announce a new plan to do so until later. The Witch Queen.

Blackburn brought up a few other points in his extensive post, including Bungie’s plan to take on the cheaters: It’s doubling the size of its security team this year to begin with. He also revealed early concept art (pictured above) for one of the Witch queen armor sets.

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