Destiny 2: the Witch Queen expansion delayed to 2022

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, the game’s next expansion, won’t hit its 2021 release window, according to a new Destiny 2 update from assistant game director Joe Blackburn. The witch queen Instead, it will be released in early 2022, to maintain Bungie standards and for team health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Last summer, we outlined our ambition for the next era in Destination two when announcing the full arc, starting with Beyond the light, followed by the Witch queen Y Lightfall”Blackburn said. “When we started to scale production in the Witch queen Last year we made the difficult but important decision to move its launch to early 2022; We also realized that we needed to add an additional unannounced chapter later. Lightfall to fully complete our first Destiny saga. “

This statement from Blackburn is quite loaded. It not only removes The witch queen starting in 2021, it also announces a fourth past expansion Lightfall (probably now scheduled for 2024), and involves a second Destiny 2 saga sometime after that.

Blackburn goes on to mention that The witch queen It will be different from any expansion the studio has done, setting up a story that will encompass the rest of the “Light and Darkness saga” and interconnecting pieces of the original. Destination.

Between now and The witch queen, Blackburn and the team plan to develop other aspects of Destiny 2 by supporting PvP, adding new content, transmogrification, crossover play, and more.

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