Destiny 2 season 13 will see Firssen and Shadowy weapons

In the first blog post of the year, the studio returned a few Destiny 2Weapons and armor sunset since late last year. Starting in February, players can re-earn some old armor and weapons in both Dreaming City and Moon.

Starting in season 13 – which should start on February 9 according to the game’s countdown timer – eight weapons and two armor leave And Cinematographer. Players who already own these weapons or pieces of armor have to be re-earned in their uncapped forms.

  • Waking Vigil, Sleepless, Wouchsafe, and Retaining Tale from the Dreaming City
  • Heretics, goofy and apostates from the moon
  • The love will also be on the moon, but special for the Pitt of Heresy dungeon
  • Reverie Dawn armor set from Dreaming City
  • DreamBan armor from Dreaming City

According to Bungi’s blog post, it seems that players may get never-before-seen rolls of these weapons from their respective dungeons – the Broken Throne in The Dreaming City and Heresy’s Pit on the Moon. The armor pieces will also leave the dungeon with very high stats.

All these weapons and armor sets will be viable again in the 13th season of Destiny 2
Picture: Bungy

Bungie ended this part of his blog post by saying that not every weapon from old destinations like these would return to the loot pool. But with these results, players should have more reasons to spend time on the moon or in Dreaming City. The announcement came after some major disappointments via the Bhagya community post-Beyond light.

When Destiny 2: Beyond the Light Launched last November, Bungie implemented its infusion capping system. Players could no longer throw weapons older than one year. Infusion is a process in which a high-powered weapon is fed to a low-powered one, giving strength to a low-power weapon. For activities requiring higher power levels, such as Osiris, or nightfall raid tests, these older weapons became virtually unusable.

Almost all weapons from leave And Cinematographer The expanders saw the infusion cap in November, with both expansions still for sale. This led to a state of desperation, where new players have no loot incentive to play through these expansions, meaning they could only spend their money to get a handful of alien quests and no mythical loot. Huh.

luck 2The game’s director, Luke Smith, recently told Polygon that the studio is looking at ways to improve the sunset. While the studio is still considering it necessary, it is causing some pain points and unexpected behavior in the community. Bungi will continue walking at sunset throughout the year.

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