‘Destiny 2’ players gave the death of perfect am, a cheer weapon of its cheaters and hackers

Usually when Destiny’s fans are celebrating the death of something, it is an ancient worm deity or psychic dragon or a big time-traveling robot. but today, It’s something elseThe death of Perfect Aim cheats for Destiny 2, a flaw that has infected the PC PvP community for ages so far.

Yesterday, fans began airing a screenshot showing that Perfect Am Cheat was no longer for sale for Destiny 2, and the message displayed said it was due to legal action as Bungie took action against the site Was of:

“This product is no longer available

Bungie, Inc. (“Bungie”) has claimed that this product violates the game’s license agreement. In addition, there was a demand that we stop and remove this product from selling.

We will not comment on whether these claims are justified or not, but have decided to comply with this demand. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers. “

I heard the person say There was this big “YouTuber sorry energy” which is pretty ridiculous, as I mean, what is their potential defense here, but it’s clear that Perfect Objective doesn’t want to fight with Bungie on this issue, though in other games. For its hacking such as Apex Legends, CS: GO, Team Fort 2 and others live online (no, I’m not linking to the site).

Previously, Perfect Aim offered a full suite of hacks for Destiny 2, including subtle hacks that were tricky, minor wimbots, wallhacks, and such. And they had tried to “destroy the game” to “destroy the game”, but you would probably be banned too soon. But Perfect Aim was well known by the community at large for being hated, these hacks were offered for a monthly fee (and the extra price for your soul).

Although the destruction of at least Destiny’s part of Perfect Em’s hacks is a victory, no, players obviously shouldn’t expect a cheat to end in Destiny 2, as there is always some other hack to find, the game. Some new sketchies website to break up. And then have to go after the boonie them, And the game of whale-a-mole continues endlessly. And still it’s not hard Little A bit excited that Bungie managed to remove the hack of this high-profile site with the threat of legal action. You like watching it, as they say.

Destiny 2 players continue to pressure Bungie for a stronger cheat system than the game on PC. Some PC players say they are moving to the console, which will have 4K 60 fps gameplay with a FOV slider and very few hackers if any. But I think now everyone wants to play a trial whether things will help with the death of Perfect Aim. What remains unclear is what happens to chatters already Bought the hack of Perfect Am. If they are only accessible with a monthly fee, and Perfect Aim can no longer collect that fee, lest they risk legal action, will they be disabled soon? This is the question. (Update: The website actually states that the hack will end when your subscription expires, and it can no longer be renewed)

Stay tuned for more information on how it all shakes out. For now, this is at least some measure of victory for good people.

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