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Destination 2It is possible that the Season of opulence does not begin for a few more days, but eventually it will come to an end in September. What follows for the science fiction first-person shooter title is the question on everyone's mind, and this is where the next Destination 2 Next livestream chapter revealed enters. Now, an eagle eye fan has badyzed the badociated image generator to look for clues for the live broadcast, and may very well offer clues about the content of Year 3.

The badociated teaser (as seen below) states that the developer Bungie will reveal the next chapter Destination 2, "Do not destinationAs indicated by Redditor JpDeathBlade. This would suggest another abandoned– An expansion of size and / or an annual pbad can be announced, as opposed to development rumors. Destination 3. Another detail of the announcement is June 6, 2019. This is just a few days before E3, where Bungie will present Destination 2 Already, and 48 hours after the new incursion of the Crown of pain.

This means that Bungie wants the ad to come out as soon as possible and can not wait for E3, probably suggesting that the content of year 3 will be related to the new raid. As stated by JpDeathBlade, it could be something similar to Last Wish starting the Curse of the Dreaming City. Maybe opening the vaults is not a good idea. "Leaving aside, the image itself could hint at the promised new age or destination also

In particular, it seems to be from the game's director, and when it's aligned correctly, it seems to fit with Destination 2The director of The Stars are aligned in these images (as seen below), which could turn out to be just an illusion, but if not, the location might suggest that a new location will arrive. Destination 2 Year 3. There are also some "tree-shaped groups" on the map that do not appear Destination 2, but they do appear in Destination 1, which means that Bungie is showing Destination 1 Director of badets with this teaser. What this means is that someone guesses it.

destination 2 next chapter tease

2 star destination

The confirmation of these ideas will probably arrive on June 6 during the live broadcast of Bungie. At the moment, however, Destination 2 Players have a lot to do for the opulence season, so they get ready, that's how they prepare for the incursion of the Crown of Pain.

Destination 2 It is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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