Destiny 2 Faction Rally: look at all the new equipment, weapons and rewards

It's been a long wait, but the new Faction Rally event is now live on Destiny 2. This is particularly significant because it marks the first faction Rally since the launch of Curse of Osiris in December, which kicked off the Season 2 of the game. Because a new season is underway, there is a variety of new items, along with existing equipment, for players to now have in their hands.

Following the launch of a new update, this Faction Rally is open to all players. However, certain additions of new arts, including armor ornaments and some shaders, ghosts, sparrows and ships, do require Curse of Osiris. If you do not have the DLC expansion, you can still participate, but you will not be able to use the new equipment, all of which you can see in the gallery above. The event runs from now until the weekly reset on January 23.

Faction fighting makes players commit to loyalty to one of the three Factions: Dead Orbit, New Monarchy or Future War Cult. By participating in the usual activities of the game, you will earn faction tokens, which can then be delivered to obtain a reward package (as with the providers you find in each of the game's locations). These packages include exclusive armor, specific features, weapons and shaders, but armor ornaments are obtained differently. The piece of ornament for each armor slot is obtained by fulfilling a specific goal, such as claiming five Faction rewards, securing a certain amount of melee or grenade kill, participating in Lost Sections or Public Events, and completing the Nightfall.

Rewards Packages also serve another purpose: the faction that collects the most during the week is considered the winner. In addition to bragging rights, winning the event offers another advantage: the winning Faction will sell its powerful single weapon during Victory Week, which takes place during the week following the end of the faction Rally. The members of the Faction will be able to buy the gun for 1,000 Glimmer, while those who committed themselves to others will have to pay up to 50,000 to have it in their hands. Unlike previous faction Rallies, all three groups offer the same kind of weapon, an automatic rifle, although each Faction has its own distinctive that potentially will be sold.

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