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Since the launch of Destination 2In the Black Armory add-on, players have observed a number of problems with the content, small errors that have impeded progress or led to undesirable results. However, some of those problems should be resolved in a forthcoming update, which Bungie detailed in his weekly report. Destination 2 blog entry

The biggest change that will occur with the next update will be the elimination of the ballistic records inventory restriction. Previously, Destination 2 it would eliminate any ballistic record of a player's inventory after the weekly restart. But now those records will be transferred and players can have up to 5 in their inventory. Unfortunately, Bungie is still setting a limit where players can only buy two of the three powerful frames per week.

Next to the change to the ballistic trunks, Destination 2 Now it will reimburse the weapon frames that have been transferred since the reboot. Currently, when players still have a weapons frame in their inventory from the previous week, this prevents them from collecting a new weapon frame. Now those frames will become 1 ballistic record (for powerful frames) or 3 module reports (for normal weapon frames). Similarly, if a player clings to a radiant array from a previous frame search, it will now be removed after the reboot.

destiny 2 armory black jotunn exotic fusion rifle

There are some other cleaning items in the file for the Black Armory part of the update, which includes an increase in the abandonment rates of the story, the module reports that go to the postmaster and the falsification emblems that fall directly of counterfeit completions. It is admitted that the changes are small, but will help those who are trying to forge weapons as quickly as possible, as well as those who pursue the title of Blacksmith.

The good news is that these are not the only changes planned for the next update. Bungie has previously detailed benefits for various kinds of weapons, as well as some changes in the super damage in Destination 2. But even when it comes to Black Armory, there may be more than Bungie enters before 29, when the update is supposed to come out.

Destination 2 Now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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