Destiny 2, brings back Umbral Engram, adding gilded titles for season 13

In Bungi’s weekly blog post, the studio previewed two new features Destiny 2 13th season, early next month. Players from the season of Arrival will receive more Umbram – a cool feature – and will get a new feature, called “Gilding”, which will allow dedicated players to win in-game titles again. More special.

The Season of Arrival of Destiny 2 produced a special item, which removed from enemies and certain activities. Players can open their new engines to receive items from the Season of Arrival, but the loot pool was huge – making it unlikely that they would actually get what they wanted. So instead of opening it immediately, players can take these Umbral Engrams to a station in the tower called Prismatic Resistor. There, they can spend some currency to focus on their Umbral Engrams, limiting the number of items it creates.

Instead of being a piece of armor or weapons, players could focus their Umbrell Engrams just to make weapons. Or, after upgrading the system, they can focus their default Umbral Engram into one that can only drop a sword or bow. This essentially became a way for dedicated players to overcome some randomness in their search for the right weapon.

The system will return in season 13 – a theme Bungie has not yet split. Umbral ankrams can be obtained from players:

  • Patrolling group
  • Strikes
  • Crucible
  • first step
  • Night time: Ordnance
  • Public event
  • Blind well
  • Nightmare victim
  • Exo challenge
  • Empire hunts
  • New seasonal activity
  • Enemy kills

While there are plenty of ways to get Umbral engrams, Bungie has promised that they won’t be as plentiful as the Season of Arrival. Starting in season 13, players can take these Umbrella Engrams to a new prismatic castor – which requires a time quest to teach players – to decode them to new weapons from that season. Here is how to give players a shot at choosing new weapons, regardless of the type of game they are playing.

But Umbral Engrams and the new Prismatic Caster will not exist as part of season 13. right now. Bungie plans to update 4 systems throughout the year, even adding new pages for each season, so that players can grab new rewards whenever they want. There will also be a new currency called Prismatic Lens, which will allow players to focus their Umbral Engrams more.

When you finish the seal, you will find new objectives for gilding
Picture: Bungy

In addition to Umbral Engrams, players will eventually have the chance to “guild” their title seals. In Destiny 2: Forsen, Bungie added seals and titles to the game. After players complete a set of objectives, they unlock a seal, which grants players a title that is displayed under their user-in-game. These titles are currently a one-time reward – once you have, you have. But from next season, players can actually improve some seals to show off.

Tie in which for four seals Destiny 2The main activity offerings – Akhand, Dregen, Conqueror, and Innocence – players can complete each season, providing that seal. The Gilding Seal adds a new border around it in a UI, showing how many times you’ve gilded the Seal in the previous season, and changing the title color to the game.

In the blog, Bungie used Flawless as an example – the Trial of Osiris title. In the future, players who finish Flawless may repeat the new or complete Triumph to restart Flawless, offering all the rewards mentioned above. Some of these are similar to the Triumph Base Seal, while others ask you to receive a certain number of prizes from St-14 before the end of the season. Players will have until the end of each season to increase their favorite title. At the end of the season, the gilding resets progress and the new title color will return to purple.

According to the in-game Clock, both the new Embraggle Engram system and the title seal gilding will appear in Season 13, which should go live by Feb. 9.

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