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Destiny 2 admits confused players: “This was in us”

The latest publication of Bungie's weekly blog was published today. And while it's clear in terms of the details of what's to come after Destiny 2, the study took time to address comments on changes made by Bungie on how Faction Rallies works in season 2.

Bungie began recognizing that error in the previous iteration of Faction Rally that allowed players, in some circumstances, to win tokens faster than they should have been able to. The Dec. 12 update of Destiny 2 added faction token rewards to a system that, in turn, blocked some users from collecting the Lost Sector rewards. Bungie is going to change things again, partly because this solution was "too harmful".

"We've heard comments from players that this solution was too damaging," Bungie said. "We are seeing a change that will not make players feel forced to run to and from a single chest for hours while also not stopping at all to enjoy the Lost Sectors, we want to make sure that every time they open a chest there is a booty inside. "

More details will be announced about Bungie's new plans to address this before the next Faction Rallies event begins.

Also in the blog post, Bungie tackled the situation surrounding the deciphered Faction Engrams to win weapons of season 2. Bungie had the luxury of not being transparent enough to plan because the reality is that the weapons of Season 2 will be available over time, not all at once.

"It was not clear in advance that the new weapons of season 2 would be added throughout the season's events instead of all at the same time at the beginning," Bungie said. "This was for us, there are no excuses, we will remedy this gap in next week's communication with details about what to expect when the next Iron Banner is deployed in Season 2."

You can read the full blog post Bungie here.

Faction Rally is the first major event of the year for Destiny 2, with the first Iron Banner of season 2 ready to arrive on January 30. It is also when we will see the release of the Masterwork armor, with numerous other additions. and changes, including those related to Eververse's improvements and quality of life, are still to come.

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