Destinations that are closed to international travelers by 2021

  • While some countries reopen to tourists in early June, others may remain closed to foreign travelers for the year.
  • The Prime Minister of Australia indicated in late June that the country’s borders may remain closed to international audiences until mid-2021.
  • Bali of Indonesia had planned to reopen September, but recently announced that it would remain closed to international visitors during the rest of the year.
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However, some countries opened back to tourism in early June, with innovative health measures or to entice ways to encourage visitors, others, such as the Bahamas, only to close back after an increase in cases of coronovirus or tourists. Opened again to limit.

Others have again decided not to risk the second wave by keeping the tourists out completely.

Some countries have only suggested that they do not reopen this year, while others have stated it explicitly, but either way, with frequent travel in flux, things may change.

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