Despite the rumored high pricing, Sony Bullish and Confident – essentially on PS5 sales numbers

Everyone is waiting for Sony’s PS5 to fall. The next-gen console comes with some exciting hardware and specification and has made everyone want to try it out. Now, to be a successful console, you will need numbers in your favor. Digitimes have an idea about the said numbers given to their sources.

Announced back in 2019, the PS5 is feared to have many fears due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Sony assured everyone that plans were on track to allay those fears. The console was finally revealed in June, immediately raising expectations. The PS5 will launch in two variants; One with all-digital and the other with optical disk drives.

The console also comes with backward compatibility, 4K resolution, and higher frame rate than the PS4. Deciding the winner between Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will be a real battle considering the specs that bring forward both consoles.

PS5 Shipment Details

According to backend supply chain reports in Taiwan, new PS5 console shipments are set to reach at least 120 million units in the next five years. This would be close to double the tp ship expected by Microsoft. This comes despite rumors that Sony’s PS5 is priced higher than the previous generation.

According to sources, the long-term numbers also seem to be large for Sony. The PS5 can sell 120–170 million units after the start of 5 years. This is a huge jump from the number that the PS4 registered after the 5-year date. According to the above sources, Sony can sell 20 million units this year alone.

Hardware insight

Sony seems to be rolling out hardware shipments to promote its units for the year.

“Packs are already being delivered to Sony by ASE Technology and Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL), with AMD-designed processors for devices built on 7nm nodes by AMDMC and its FCBGA process, and shipments of peripheral chipsets later. Is expected to reach a peak.Third quarter to support the first wave of terminal sales in the fourth quarter.

“Taiwan’s chipmaker Ziltec Technology and China’s AAC Technology now share orders for Sony’s handle controller chips for the PS5, and another two Taiwanese IC designers supplying the MCUs and USB hub controllers for Nuvotan Technology and Genesis Logic Devices, respectively. Backend partner. Meanwhile, Phison Electronics has also allegedly cut the PS5 supply chain with Taiwan’s OSE-packaged SSD controller chips. “

It seems that Sony is ready to compete and win the console war once again. Xbox has its own plans, so things are heating up right now. Let’s wait and see how it all turns out.

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