Deshon Watson posts a cryptic tweet after appointing Nick Cassario of Texas

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson was reported on Twitter for agreeing long-term with Nick Cassario as his team’s next general manager.

Casario, currently the Patriots director of player personnel, comes from New England, much like the previous regime in Houston. Ex-Texas coach and general manager Bill O’Brien, a former Patriots offensive coordinator, steered the Texans with the help of coach Jack Easterby, a former Patriots character. Houston fired O’Brien in October, but retained Easter.

So perhaps Watson is not happy to see Bill Belichick’s organization moving in a similar direction with another branch of coaching and a general management tree.

Here Watson wrote on Twitter: “Some things never change …”

O’Brien defamed Watson’s top pass-catch DeAndre Hopkins at the Arizona Cardinals during the 2020 offseason. The move was one of several – including the first two-round deal to deal with Larry Tuncile – that led to O’Brien’s undoing in Houston.

Casario will be tasked to appoint a head coach for Houston. There is no shortage of excellent options, including Chief Offensive Coordinator Eric Binemi, Bills of Coordinator Brian Daboll, and Patriots’ Official Coordinator Josh McDaniels.


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