Deshan Watson has not asked for a trade yet

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Saturday’s excellent article, which was seen, among other things, in a couple of weeks of chaotic doubles for the Texas report that quarterback Pahat Watson “just wants out.” That is quite possible, but he has not officially asked it to happen.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Watson has not specifically requested the trade, however.

Although it is moving in that direction, Watson realizes that using those words will lead the situation to not come back. This means that, it is no longer a matter of no return.

But it will not be easy to twist things. The organization that made the mess will now have to make it.

It has not been fixed yet. Texas invited Watson to provide input for both GM hire and head-coaching hire. He did and the team disregarded his input. Texas initially ignored his recommendation that lead offensive coordinator Eric Byenemi was interviewed for the head-coaching job. As reported last night, the Texans completely ignored Watson’s recommendation that former 49ers defensive coordinator (and now Jets head coach) Robert Saleh be interviewed for the job.

For those who say that the quarterbacks are not going to play that kind of role in the management of the team, two points: (1) Texas Asked To play that role; And (2) since the quarterback is expected to be a semi-member of management, why should he not play that kind of role in managing the team?

Consider specific mobility in Houston. Texas owner Cal McNair and football operations executive VP Jack Easterby decided to serve Nick Casario as the next GM. How are McNair and Easterby more qualified than Watson?

McNair and Easterby have made three previous general manager decisions, none of which went well. At first, he tried (and failed) to hire Casario. Second, he decided to move on without GM Third, making former head coach Bill O’Brien a GM, a decision that prevailed in 2020 after only four games.

As a result of those decisions, the Texans did not get enough for the Jadevon Clowns (and their 2019 salaries paid too much), the Texans sacrificed too much for Laremy Tuncil, and the Texans were snapped up by the Cardinal of receiver DeAndre Hopkins. .

So what can the Texans do at this point to avoid receiving an official trade request from Watson? The only best thing they can do is hire the best head-coaching they can, and hope that the new coach can figure out how to stop Watson from doing less to trade.

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