DeSean Jackson’s free agency will be a revealing story

DeSean Jackson is moving on from the Eagles, will teams be happy to pick him up?

DeSean Jackson is moving on from the Eagles, will teams be happy to pick him up?
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Thirty-four-year-old wide receivers aren’t hot products in the NFL. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be intriguing.

DeSean Jackson is a homeless man, having recently been fired by the Philadelphia Eagles after two injury-plagued seasons with the team that drafted him. There is a chance this is the end for Jackson, as retirement could be in his plans. Or, if he’s healthy, he could keep pushing himself to extend his highlight-filled career as he has the most touchdowns over 60 yards in league history at 24, putting him sixth all-time in yards per catch (17.4), according to ESPN.

But for many, this will no longer be about what Jackson can and cannot do on a football field. All of that changed last summer when he posted “unknowingly” fake anti-Semitic quotes from Hitler while playing for a team owned by a Jewish owner, Jeffrey Lurie, as the country was in the midst of one of its most historic racial uprisings. Jackson ended up getting fined by the Eagles and he was able to keep his job. Lurie didn’t exactly have a choice, since set a precedent in 2013 when he fined Jackson’s former teammate Riley Cooper but did not suspend him. after Cooper was caught on video, yelling “I’ll jump that fence and fight every (N word) here, bro”, at a concert.

Cooper continued to play after his incident, and injuries and age eventually led him to retire a few seasons later. Jackson’s career could play out the same way, except there is an obvious difference between the two.

Cooper is white. Jackson is black.

And with the way America has always organized, this country will forgive a white person for saying something racist. That grace rarely extends to blacks. This is also the NFL we are talking about, a league that says it wants to “end racism” while continuing to voluntarily participate in it.

According to reportsThe Eagles are expected to pass on Alshon Jeffrey, as Jackson will not be the only veteran wide receiver not in Philadelphia next season. Personnel changes are part of the course when a new regime takes over, as the Eagles will have a new starting quarterback (Jalen Hurts) and head coach (Nick Sirianni) next season.

“I am looking forward to my next chapter. Philadelphia is always love. I appreciate everything ” Jackson posted on social media, while preparing to see what’s next. Over the next several months, it will be interesting to see how NFL headquarters, teams and fan bases handle the idea of ​​Jackson joining their locker room after what happened last summer. Because in case you’ve forgotten, this is a league where a large chunk of their fanbase is against growth, redemption, and unity when it comes to blacks.

That clip is a reminder of just how crazy things can get in the NFL as they get booed for the drive, while millions were unfazed by watching a Super Bowl that featured two men, Tyreek Hill and Antonio Brown, with stories from Domestic violence

That’s how things are in this country. But I do know that if DeSean Jackson were white, I wouldn’t wonder if his past transgressions would be an obstacle to his possible employment. In 2014, Eagles signed Riley Cooper to a five-year, $ 25 million extension, with $ 10 million guaranteed, after he was already proven to be racist.


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