DeSantis crushes Rubio and Scott in a Florida Republican poll

That 52-point lead over Rubio represents a massive increase since July, the last time Fabrizio made a showdown between the three and found DeSantis ahead by just 11 points over Rubio.

“To run for president, you need to have your home state, you need your base of operations. And DeSantis clearly has it, ”said Fabrizio, who ran in both President Trump’s elections and also worked for DeSantis and Scott in the past. Fabrizio’s poll of 304 Republicans had a margin of error of +/- 5.6 percent.

It’s not just Fabrizio’s polls that have increased Republican enthusiasm for DeSantis in Florida. A poll by Republican pollster Ryan Tyson recently found that DeSantis had better favorable ratings than Trump in the Florida Republican Party, a remarkable feat considering Trump won Florida by a larger margin in 2020 than Barack Obama in 2008.

Obama was the last top-tier Democrat to win Florida. The state now has only one Democrat-elect in the entire state, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is positioning herself to run for governor against DeSantis next year.

Fabrizio’s poll also tested another key metric for Florida Republican voters: Of the three Republicans across the state, who do you think is the biggest Trump supporter? With 67 percent saying DeSantis, it’s not even close. Only 9 percent said Scott and 7 percent said Rubio.

Scott’s relatively small numbers stand out for a senator who voted against certifying the Electoral College vote in Washington even after a violent pro-Trump mob invaded the United States Capitol. Rubio voted to certify the results.

“Given the state’s attention to Scott’s and Rubio’s positions and votes on the election outcome, it’s a little surprising to see DeSantis, by an even wider margin, is perceived as the biggest Trump supporter of the three.” Fabrizio said.

Rubio, who ran unsuccessfully against Trump and lost Florida to him in the 2016 Republican primary, has not ruled out a future presidential campaign. But for now, his advisers say he is focused on being a senator and running for re-election in 2022. DeSantis, who does not have a team of advisers, is running for re-election at the same time and recently evaded a question on Fox News about his interest. . on an offer from the White House.

Scott also harbors presidential ambitions and is set for re-election in 2024. He was recently appointed to head the Senate Republican National Committee to help the Republican Party regain control of the upper house of Congress.

Scott and DeSantis will address the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend in Orlando, where Trump will give his first public address since leaving the White House. Rubio is not scheduled to speak, citing a prior engagement.

Although Rubio is seen as a tough general election candidate in the state, far-right conservatives have been suspicious of Rubio since his effort to shape a bipartisan plan for immigration reform in 2013, and denounced him for voting to pass the elections. College results on January 6. Some expected Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump to challenge Rubio, but she reportedly refused.

Fabrizio noted that Rubio’s loss to Trump in 2016 still resonates today.

“Imagine if Ted Cruz hadn’t won Texas in 2016 and what it meant for Marco Rubio to lose Florida in 2016,” Fabrizio said. “In terms of running for president in a primary, if you don’t have your home state, what do you have?”

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