DeSantis criticizes Miami Herald for ‘train accident’, ‘hit piece’ about wealthy residents receiving coronavirus vaccine

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, R., criticized a “train crash” article in the Miami Herald that suggested wealthy Republicans in the state had received the coronavirus vaccine, while other seniors struggle to receive it, discarding it. as a “poorly executed piece of success.” “

“The Miami Herald article was a train accident. That was not a place we were involved in, the Keys. What it was, was that one of the South Florida hospital systems went to this community and vaccinated a group. of seniors. I think that’s great. I want seniors to get vaccinated. I think they did a good job doing it, we just weren’t involved in any way, “DeSantis said Thursday, adding that hospitals and nursing homes received the majority of vaccines in the early stages of launch.


The Herald article, titled “Wealthy Keys Enclave Received COVID Vaccines in January Before Much of the State,” quoted an email newsletter stating that “nearly all people 65 and older in a wealthy enclave closed in the Florida Keys had been vaccinated in mid-January. ” The article also noted that some Republican donors live in the gated community, implying that they received special treatment.

DeSantis called the article “completely wrong” but said he was happy that Ocean Reef Club residents were allegedly vaccinated.

“If you are 65 or older, I am not concerned about your income level, I am concerned about your age range, because it is age, not income, that shows the risk. So if you could enter a community that is much older and vaccinate people, that’s great, but for that article to suggest it was one of our sites, that’s just wrong, “he said.


DeSantis reiterated that it was “good that they did,” regardless of what the Miami Herald printed.

“I support hospitals to do that and be really proactive in trying to reach as many older people as possible, but it was a really poorly executed piece of success,” he said. “And what they’re trying to do, they’re trying to invent and fabricate a narrative, but they don’t have the facts to back it up and that’s a perfect example of that, so it’s a huge failure.”

The Herald backs up his report, in a statement to Fox News from Miami Herald managing editor Rick Hirsch.

“The governor was offended by our early standout and what appears to be special access to the COVID vaccine in one of the wealthiest communities in the state,” Hirsch said. “We asked you to comment before posting and you chose not to. We have reported issues with the equitable distribution of vaccine doses across the state. This is just the most recent example. We stand behind the story.”

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