DeSantis: Civics Curriculum Proposal Will ‘Expressly Exclude’ Critical Race Theory

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantisFox News’ Ron DeSantis Dean Says’ View ‘Doesn’t Book It Because Of Cuomo’s Criticism the COVID-19 vaccine line MORE (R) released its proposal for a civics education curriculum in the state on Wednesday, stressing that it will “expressly exclude” critical race theory.

“A high-quality education begins with a high-quality curriculum, so we will focus on developing the best possible standards of civic instruction,” DeSantis said at a news conference.

“Florida’s civics curriculum will incorporate foundational concepts with the best materials and will expressly exclude unauthorized narratives such as critical race theory and other unsubstantiated theories,” he added.

DeSantis said there is “no place in our classrooms for things like critical race theory,” adding that “teaching children to hate their country and to hate each other is not worth a red penny of taxpayer money.” .

Instead, he said, the state will invest in “a real, solid and true curriculum” and be a “leader in the development and implementation of world-class civics education.”

Critical race theory examines institutionalized racism and other societal barriers to equality that disproportionately affect people of color.

DeSantis argued Wednesday that the theory is “trying to make people look based on race.” He says he wants to do the opposite, adding that “our schools are supposed to provide people with a knowledge base, they are not supposed to be indoctrination centers, where they try to promote specific ideologies.”

In September, then …President TrumpDonald Trump The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Biden Tackles Republican Immigration Crackdown and Obstructionism Democrats Play Defense in Border Crisis Biden’s Big Difference? Diversity MORE ordered the Office of Management and Budget to end racial sensitivity training, including training sessions that discussed “white privilege” or “critical race theory.”

“They were teaching people that our country is a horrible place, it is a racist place and they were teaching people to hate our country, and I am not going to allow that to happen,” Trump said in a presidential debate on the trainings. . .

DeSantis, a close Trump ally, is now urging the state legislature to accept his $ 106 million education proposal. directing the Florida Department of Education to create the Florida Seal of Excellence in Civic Education, which the governor described as a “new professional endorsement for civic education.”

Teachers who complete a training and are endorsed will receive a $ 3,000 bonus, a provision DeSantis believes will “attract more people” interested in becoming civics teachers.

An additional $ 16.5 million will be set aside for subsequent training, professional development and classroom support for principals and teachers who are interested in elevating civics in their schools, DeSantis said.

He noted that the civics curriculum would not include “unauthorized narratives” such as critical race theory.


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