Derrick Rose was unhappy with umpires after Knicks came up short

The Warriors threw 24 free throws. The Knicks threw 22 free throws.

That didn’t stop the Knicks from expressing concern about officials after Garden’s first game this season with the fans.

Derrick Rose was the most vocal after feeling like he was fouled on some forays to the basket. The Knicks shot 39 percent and vanished in the second half, a recent trend.

“I felt like we were making good shots,” said Rose, who had 16 points, eight assists but missed nine of his last 11 shots. “To be honest, we didn’t get the calls. It seemed like the guys were going to the lane and we didn’t get the same calls. He makes it difficult when he’s so unbalanced. ”

The statistics don’t show much inequality, but coach Tom Thibodeau was upset too, and Julius Randle committed two technical fouls to get sent off.

Derrick Rose protects Steph Curry Tuesday night.
Derrick Rose protects Steph Curry Tuesday night.
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Do the Warriors just get more respect?

“I really don’t know,” Rose said. “We are professionals. I don’t even want to mention their names. It just makes it difficult when you’re already fighting on the offensive side.

“You’re driving and you don’t get the same call. It makes it look like something else is going on. “

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he has enjoyed the games with a variety of fans. San Francisco still won’t have fans in the near future due to California law. The Warriors property has offered to pay for fan COVID-19 testing.

“There’s a different vibe to the games we’ve played with a couple thousand fans, in Salt Lake, Phoenix and Orlando,” Kerr said. “Even having a couple thousand fans makes a difference. It feels more normal, more real. The noise of the crowd appears at the exact moment and not the canned laughter in a sitcom. This is Mecca. ”

Austin Rivers became available after missing Sunday’s game with illness. Rivers, who did not play, has been out of the rotation since Rose’s trade.


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