Derrick Rose plans to return to Cleveland Cavaliers –

Derrick Rose plans to return to Cleveland Cavaliers


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  • Adrian Wojnarowski ESPN

After a self-imposed exile, Derrick Rose flew to Cleveland on Monday morning and plans to appear at the Cleveland Cavaliers' practice facility. they tell ESPN the sources of the league.

You are expected to meet with officials from the main office and begin the process of returning after leaving the team last week.

Coach Tyronn Lue said Saturday that there was a positive dialogue between Rose and the organization.

Rose, 29, has been deliberating whether she wanted to work to return from a sprained ankle to meet with the Cavaliers this season or even continue her NBA career, league sources said.

His growing frustration with injuries has led him to question his desire to continue playing, league sources said. The mental cost of a series of significant injuries that have diminished the production of the youngest most valuable player in NBA history has played a role in his personal quest, league sources said.

Rose has missed 16 of the Cavs games this season including the last 12. The Cavaliers are currently on a streak of 11 straight wins.

Rose signed a one-year minimum agreement, $ 2.1 million veterans to join the Cavaliers this season.

Last season, Rose was missing the New York Knicks on a game day without permission from the organization. He was fined by the Knicks and apologized to his teammates when he returned the next day.

The Cavaliers have said that Rose's current absence is different from the Knicks' because he is not an active player and communicated with the franchise from the start. of your license.

Rose was the Most Valuable Player of the NBA 2011 and is three times All-Star of the NBA. The Chicago Bulls selected him with the No. 1 pick in the 2008 NBA draft.

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