Derek Jeter’s plan was to steal Maria Carrie away from Tommy Mottola

Derek Jeter was the only other person to have ever slept with Mariah Carey.

The “Fantasy” singer states in her just-released memoir “The Mean of Mariah Carey” that the first time they slept together in their home in Tampa, her sister Shirley was also there, “originally It was an eighth. ” -Management event

The 46-year-old Yankees shortstop had a crush on 50-year-old Carrie, hung her posters in her bedroom as a teenager, and even had a game plan to marry her.

He said, “I had this plan.” ‘I was going to come to New York. I was going to meet the Yankees. I was going to meet you, and I was going to distance you from Tony Sonny – his name for Tommy (Mottola, Carrie’s first husband) – ‘And then we were going to get married.’ ‘

The couple dated from 1997 to 1998, yet for Carrie it was a very important relationship that was allegedly emotionally abusive and motola to control the marriage to enforce music.

“It was very erotic,” Carey writes with her time. “Everything was so new and sweet, down to the smooth texture of his honey-spilled skin … It was so intoxicating, so intoxicating, and I was so weak. I was exposed to a fire that I didn’t know I was in. ”

Carrie calls her time with Jeter “a short and sweet dream”.

Jeter, who went on to date Minta Kelly, Adriana Lima and Jessica Alba, is now married to model Hannah Davis, with whom he has two daughters. Carrie married Nick Cannon from 2008 to 2016. They are the parents of 9-year-old twins, Moroccans and Monroe.


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