Derek Carr ends his COVID-19 protocol violation

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On Monday night, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and several other teammates attended an event that saw plenty of people in an indoor setting, all without masks. The incident came to light on Tuesday. Carr addressed his behavior on Wednesday.

“I feel like we did a fantastic job,” Carr told reporters via NBC Sports Bay Area’s Josh Schrock. “I hate that a few moments without our masks went to a story about our team and all such stuff, especially after the penalty that was brought a few weeks ago. We felt very bad on him. We addressed this with the coach and we talked with our trainers about what really happened and all such stuff. At the end of the day we were there – I mean, shoot people, I’m having dinner and eating dates with my wife at my house. I haven’t taken him out to eat in all seasons, you know? There are lots of kids running around my house and I think she is ready for a night. ”

Hey, Derek, not many people have taken their husbands out to dinner since March. And you get paid every night to bring delicious food to your brand-new mansion in Las Vegas, and to eat after putting the kids to bed. So if you are serious about avoiding the virus to the full extent of the football season, you sacrifice (if it is “sacrifice” to be given gourmet food in your brand new Las Vegas mansion) and stay home.

According to the assumption that it was “a few moments without our masks” that created the story, where is Carr and his teammates wearing masks? In the video that came to light, where is the mask that would otherwise hang around his neck or chin, which usually happens when someone who is otherwise wearing a mask takes a break from doing so?

“We’re doing our best and we had some moments where we slipped, took off masks so people could see our faces and stuff,” Carr said. He said, “We madly signed the sanitizer. All such items, we also tried our best in the event. We were not perfect but we were trying our best. We were not trying to be careless and careless. But at the same time, Darren Waller had an event that meant so much to him and he raised so much money that you wouldn’t even begin to imagine how much money he had put to get people intoxicated. place. My hope and my prayer is that some of us mess up moments, things like where we were seen on camera, not for an hour in a private room. I hope we are not going to see what was actually going on there. Because Darren had a great idea, a great plan. He wants to help people and I hope we can increase the conversation in this way. Then, we have addressed it at home. We should have applied masks even if they were offering us and things like that. But at the end of the day, I hope the story is more about what Darren is trying to achieve. ”

All of this is fine, but many people of qualified charitable cause are not violating personal laws that violate local rules and basic guidelines. Fundraising for those donations should be in other ways.

An even bigger question is, how was the event decided with so many players present without anyone in the Raiders organization and could not raise any red flag about it? The vibe created by most NFL teams since training camp began was that players would dramatically cover their off-duty activities to limit the possible exposure to the virus. The fact that Carr and the other Raiders players would be seen so carelessly and illegally in a setting that is contradictory to the letter and soul of the protocol is, frankly, surprising.

And, yes, I’m more strict on Carr than other players because He is the leader of the team, Or at least he should act like that. If he is going to do stupid, selfish things, then why should we expect another player not to do stupid, selfish things?

What makes Carr’s conduct even more senseless is the fact that he has the most reason to lose any of his companions. With a salary of $ 18.9 million, each game not played by the Raiders this year would cost him $ 1.11 million in lost wages.

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